“Here Comes the Son!”

Miracle of the Sun (Fatima – October 13, 1917)

There must have been something in the air that day. Expectation of a miracle, for one thing. And that rainstorm must have stirred up a lot of dust on the Santos farmland. But was there something else?

Although not explicitly stated in the 2020 film Fatima, the monthly meeting of the three children with “The Lady of the Rosary” seemed to take place at lunchtime. So I have chosen 12:00 noon for this chart.

Moon Inconjunct Uranus

With this aspect you must learnt to control sudden outbursts of emotion that occur at difficult times when you least expect it. Also your present home life may not be a stable situation in which you can grow up emotionally secure and confident. A particular incident when you were very young may have given you the feeling that you can’t count on anything or anyone for support. Later in life, you may try very hard to get away from anything that reminds you of your earliest childhood, even if your childhood has not been difficult. You just feel that you have to get away and go somewhere else.

Your relationship with your mother may be rather unstable. She may be very involved in her own interests, which prevent her from being as close to you as she would be otherwise. She may be an unconventional person, a real free spirit. The problem is that your feelings about her are mixed, both loving and unloving. You may secretly resent her. Probably you don’t feel that you can express this consciously, but it could come out when you are angry or upset. Certainly this will result in not wanting to form close relationships with other people, especially women. And the people you do choose as close friends are likely to be exciting and different from anyone you have known in the past. However, they may also be rather upsetting.

You should be encouraged to express your inner feelings and release the tensions that build up within you. In this way you will not be hurt by energies that you aren’t aware of in yourself.

Even her name is special

Lucia Santos means “holy light”. It would seem that she was well named. And the image (above) looks like she wasn’t a happy camper. Her job was serious: she had to withstand enormous amounts of pressure from her parents, her relatives, the local politician and priest to recant her ‘lies’. And when she was facing an inquisition by a Roman Catholic official, only her ‘guardian angel’ kept her from cracking.

In the film, here is a very telling conversation that she had in 1989 with a writer:

The movie begins in 1989 as Professor Nicols (Harvey Keitel) visits Sister Lucia (Sonia Braga), now an octogenarian, at her nunnery. The professor is quite the skeptic, but it’s crucial to his new book project that he question the Sister about what she experienced in 1917.

User Review (on IMDb)

At one point, Sister Lucia says that she thought that she hadn’t done enough for her Mother. Nicols asks, “Which Mother?” That phrase sums up the whole story.

The faith of a child is a beautiful thing, but the world wants ‘proof’, so they got proof and it scared them.

And it’s the same as it ever was…

“Here comes the sun!”

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