The First Human Being in Outer Space

Yuri Gagarin (March 9, 1934 – March 27, 1968)

‘Cheeky in Helsinki’ (1961) photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Sixty years ago today, this man broke the bounds of earth and flew once around the globe. But he was destined to die seven years later in a fatal plane crash, shrouded in secrecy.

My Kepler 7.0 program lists the time of Gagarin’s birth as ‘conflicting/unverified’. But it may be correct nevertheless. The two inconjuncts tell a story on their own: Neptune inconjunct Venus/Ascendant speaks of his mysterious popularity; and Saturn inconjunct Pluto shows that he was destined to ‘escape’ the restriction of gravity. His death was not unexpected by the Soviets, so they ‘grounded’ him from further space exploration, while making him an international Russian hero. No matter, what was fated to occur, did anyway.

I like the symmetry of this event chart. And the Yod (Finger of God) pointing at Pluto also speaks volumes (supported by inconjuncts from Mercury and Jupiter): breaking free of the earth lit peoples’ imagination in a way no one had experienced since the Wright Brothers first flew their plane at Kitty Hawk.

Here’s the man and his Icarus feat:

Can you see the links demonstrating his destiny? The North Node/Pluto conjunction of the ‘event’ chart is almost precisely where his fatal age of 34 is in his birth chart. But this isn’t his death chart, is it? Interesting.

A common point-of-view from space

Who was holding up your spaceship, Yuri? I wasn’t gravity…

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