Anecdotal Evidence: Does the Moon Affect My Blood Sugars?

Or is This Because of the mRNA Vaccine?

Since becoming fully vaccinated with Pfizer, I have noticed an interesting trend in my blood sugar numbers. In fact, I wrote about it before after the first dose, but I thought that ‘event’ was a one-time blip. Well, it’s not. It happened again at the New Moon on the 10th of June, and again the night before last on the Full Moon. It lasts for about three days, at most, and makes me think ‘something’ has changed. But what, exactly?

It’s a lot to take in. But I’m not aware of anyone knowing for sure what the vaccines will do to a Type 2 diabetic. I tried Googling results, but got no information, just morbidity complications, if one is not yet vaccinated. Ooh, not good.

Help, please! Can anyone else make heads or tails about this situation?

[This post was written last night, and this morning I saw this explanation on Facebook:]

18.37 pm on 24th June there is a full moon in Capricorn at late 3 degrees. This is the culmination of the full blown high intensity solstice period where the sun climbed to its Zenith and bathed the earth in the maximum solar radiance. In balance to that the Moon reaches its most inward point in Capricorn. The full moon is the swollen moon, the most influential moon, the moon phase that magnetises most the fluids in our bodies, most notably the blood. At full moon times, we feel things through our blood, the sap of our life and we are most easily influenced. Beware which influence you fall under.

Emma Astroyogini Elizabeth

Thank you!

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