I had a Very Strange Dream Last Night

About an Arab Woman under Threat from her Husband

Image courtesy of CNN

I am never sure where I get my dream themes from: two nights ago, I had a dream about plotting someone’s murder. Then, last night, I was part of a group that was trying to turn the tables on an Arab ‘gentleman’ who was plotting to kill his wife. (And don’t read between the lines: I’m not projecting these dreams from personal thought patterns.)

In each case, the ‘vibe’ is one of working for the secret services in a spy or ‘black ops’ capacity.

Even in last night’s dream, the face of the Arab wife was blocked out, which surprised me. What does that mean? I’m not supposed to know who she is? Is she a famous person?

Then, this morning, as I let the associations follow whatever train of thought occurs, I remembered Indira Gandhi’s assassination. (But she was not an Arab, so why that association?) And why is there a secret service ‘vibe’? We know Mrs Gandhi was assassinated by her Sikh guards, but was she really? (Now, can you see what I’m getting at?)

Official stories are often given out to cover up uncomfortable truths. But would the Indian government have condoned such a covert action? And, more importantly, why did Mrs. Gandhi retain those guards when it was obvious that they might take revenge for some political actions against their people?

I trust my subconscious mind: it is obviously trying to show me something about the past that doesn’t add up.

What do you think?

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