“The Wellspring: Channelling for the White Brotherhood”

Reclaiming Your Power (26 August 1992)

Upheaval, ruination, devastation, destruction, wiping clean — such dark words, filling you with fear and apprehension. All around you old structures are crumbling. The end does indeed appear to be very near. Oh, ye of little faith! Has not all of this been foretold? Have you not been warned, and asked to prepare yourselves for major shake-ups and changes? Why are you, who know, so fearful? You know that these things have to be.

It is necessary to disconnect your emotional attachments to the useless ‘garbage’ that you have carried around for so long. It is necessary for you to lighten-up, not only your possessions, but expectations. It is necessary for you to learn to trust more, and to fear less.

Know you not that you are gods, able to create all that you need, able to manifest in your lives all that is necessary for your survival?

It is those who have forgotten their power that are suffering the privations that you see all around. It is those who have forgotten who they are who are starving, who are bankrupt, who are homeless, deprived in any way, shape or form. These people have forgotten who they are.

It is time for the masses to take back their power, to be released from bondage — the bondage of attitudes and victim consciousness.

This power can no longer be expressed through the domination of others. You are all well aware of the violence and destruction that you can create in your own environment. You are all aware of how capable you are to upset the balance of others in your cities; but is this a useful expression of your power, or a selfish display of anger, which is signifying nothing?

For you, who are able to come to terms with the God Light within you, that power can be expressed through creation, and not through destruction — through building, through growing, through developing and through peace — and it is in owning that power yourselves — not through domination — that you live each day of your lives to the full, creating whatever it is you feel you need for a full expression of your talents and abilities.

It is not necessary for each of you to be alike, or to follow the same road, or to have the same opinions, the same religions, same politics; but it is necessary that you honour one another, as you would honour and expect to be honoured yourselves.

Do not abuse that power, do not seek to dominate, or to put others right, but change what you can in your own attitudes and behaviour in the confines of your own homes. As this power is reclaimed, more challenging experiences will come your way to expand that power in a creative flow. The ripples, like those on the pond, will go wider, but the first place that you must start is peace and harmony within the home, and with those with whom you are intimately involved.

You are not capable, or able, to do more until that start has been made. We are needing Workers of the Light, we are needing more and more of you to take up the challenge of altered consciousness. Self-discipline within the home and the local environment is needed before you are able to do work in a wider field. So concentrate on self, and concentrate on that which is familiar. Sort that out, so that you can function in total peace within yourselves, and with those around you, in order to see the way of further service to the Creator.

Copyright Fennell Rundell 1993 (Fountain Trust Publishing, Torquay, UK) ISBN 1-898153-00-0

“I carry a wellspring of joy…”

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