Ugly Canadians: The Federal Election Campaign Turned Nasty

Trudeau Protest (Yesterday)

This is one of the few ‘nice’ images from that confrontation in Bolton, Ontario. You can read about it in the Toronto Star, here. In truth, I don’t recognize our country anymore.

The dividing line is along Trudeau’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m sure whoever was in power for the last 18 months would have been hated by at least some of the people, but this display of full out anger seems to be a step too far. And the Canadian media may have had a silent hand in promoting it.

The first report of an anti-vaxxer heckling Trudeau on the campaign trail took place about a week ago, by CTV in Barrie. The CTV National News correctly identified the city, but the local Barrie News implied it was in Toronto, somewhere. Then, in the last few days, the CBC highlighted a video showing another protestor heckling Trudeau in Quebec, and then the next day in Vancouver. That must have planted a seed of thought in some peoples’ minds.

Remember what they say about a House divided…

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  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    Please note that the heckler in Quebec and then Vancouver was the SAME MAN!

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