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Can an Accident (Even a Minor One) Change a Life Forever?

Susan Miller

My wife, Susan, is a beautiful person, but she suffers from chronic pain due to an accident that she suffered more than 30 years ago. Last night she chronicled the ‘slip and fall’ that she had in 1990. The result, for most of the time, is Fibromyalgia. The fact that it can be identified is not enough to put an end to her concerns. As she is getting older, the pain is almost debilitating.

In my mind, this ‘minor’ accident may have been the culmination of an injury she may have suffered more than five years before when the car she was in had a head-on crash with an articulated lorry in England. At the time, she seemed to suffer only minor cuts and bruises, but I wonder if it didn’t make her back more susceptible to injury later.

Subsequent to the 1990 accident, her three lower vertebrae were fused surgically, to keep her mobile. And her limited mobility after that, caused her to put more weight on than she would have liked. Now, she carries more pounds than is healthy, but dieting isn’t easy, either.

The 1990 Accident Chart

Those two Yods, pointing at Mars and Neptune, may be the clue to the ‘illness’. But it’s only when you compare her birth chart to the ‘event’, that you can see how many inconjuncts and Yods were activated.

So, those of you with eyes to see, can you help me understand what I should do to help her?

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