The Wellspring: Past Lives

(Flashback to) October 16, 1991

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Question: If we have lived before,

why can’t we remember past lives, and how do we get access to these memories?

Most life experiences are an indication of the universal forces of manifestation.

We would wish you to ‘key into’ that aspect of memory which is available and ready, when you are prepared to accept that life itself is a continuous force, and the continuation of the manifestations of matter are but the physical display of creative thought. With the acceptance and understanding that all is continuity, you have access to your memories of all previous experience.

If you wish to have full knowledge of that previous experience,

you may have access to it through the lightening-up of the expectations of life.

The veil that blots out memory can be lifted by that state of inner peace, and the deep knowingness of eternity and continuation of all. The separator or shutters begin to dissolve, and the memory is reawakened, so that instead of a compartmentalisation of all experience, it once again becomes a continuous flow.

Awareness in every waking moment will also facilitate access to memory.

There is an assumption within your society that memory fails as the years pass, and that is ‘buying into’ a thought form, without really questioning its validity.

It is an interesting phenomena of many of the old, who, failing to have instant recall of recent memories and actions, have great clarity of childhood memory.

Think how vivid previous life memories will be

if you can dissolve the compartmentalisation of one experience from another and remember that which has been done millenia ago, that which has been experienced, and that which has been learned.

Many of the experiences of mankind have been accepted in physical matter, and have been a way of showing you how to receive access to many parts of your soul, but, unfortunately, mankind has taken it at ‘face value’ only.

To be in a state of peace, to be in a state of acceptance and total awareness, memory will flow back and re-establish itself as part of your known experience. The limitation of that memory is within yourself and your ability to accept.

If life itself is continuity, then there is no separation and there is no blockage to recall all experience that has ever been part of your own soul growth, your own known experience. It is all there, it is all waiting, once you put down barriers of expectation and assumed ideas that have been fed to you, and loosen up the bonds.

(Pages 32-33)

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  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    When I finished reviewing the previous two posts, I received a ‘suggestion’ to look in The Wellspring at whatever was written 30 years ago this week. What a great suggestion, eh?


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