The Wellspring: Maturity

(Flashback to) October 30, 1991

In the times when God was King,

there was a small group of adepts, who served as channels for Divine Thought for the people that they served. It was a time when humanity was more peaceful, and closer to nature. It was a time of harmony and balance, when people cooperated, not only with one another, but with the environment, and were more in tune with the Divine Will. They served with the fires of sacrifice, burning incense, and with purity from the earthly plane, were receivers of Divine Wisdom. Life then was far more simple and straightforward, and all played their part in union and with common purpose.

Since these times, there has been a slow disintegration of society, and of yourselves. You gradually lost that collectiveness, as you went to seek in the nooks and crannies of earthly living, to find that which you perceived as hidden from your view — indeed, in a search for knowledge, to see that which you could not see — and in so doing, you moved further and further from the clarity and light that you had once known.

It was a necessary part of your experience, and something that you chose to do. In so doing, you became separated and disconnected, not only from each other, but from your fellow humans also. It was a time of darkness and despair.

Very gradually, through your many lives, you ‘pitted out’ and started to ascend back into the light again, rather like clambering out through the mouth of a volcano. It has not been easy and has taken many lifetimes to see once again the light, and still the sulphurous air of the volcano sticks to you and fills you with a sense of fear.

You have an opportunity, in this incarnation, to burn together, again, the sacrifice of incense, and to stand, this time, with full knowledge of the darker nature of mankind, rather than in the innocence that you once had. You have the opportunity, once again, to be the channels of Divine Inspiration and aid to others, but you perceive yourselves as being somewhat tainted and tarnished by life’s experience, and there is a wish for the innocence you once had.

But, the whole process has been that of maturing,

and now, as you burn your incense, and you worship and channel, you have maturity, knowledge, understanding and compassion that, in your innocent state, you never had. Now as you do your work, maturity is your greatest asset — no longer blithe and immature, no longer simplistic and totally trusting in something greater, doing only ‘Thy Will’.

Now as you serve, you are aware that the work you do is necessary, and not done out of obedience to some higher force. without All Knowledge; that you must do it because it is necessary, now that the power and desire come from within you, rather than from a ‘transcending’ command.

There is nothing that you do not know, there is now nothing that you have not experienced in your many lifetimes. You have done it all, you have seen it all, and you have been it all. There is within your Being the pain, the guilt, the sorrow, the despair, but also the strength, the wisdom, the clarity, the understanding and the compassion that you have learned from these experiences, which now make you worthy and fit to stand once again at the altar, and be the contact between the spiritual and material forces.

You are now at an apex of having been there, gone right down into the depths, struggled and clawed your way back, this time knowing why you do it.


(pages 34-36)

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