Eleventh Hour, the Eleventh Day, the Eleventh Month

The End of the Great War, 1918

For those who think that 11:11 is a new phenomenon, this was the original event. It was also when the seeds of the Second World War were planted.

Although the actual signing took place at 5:45 AM, the Armistice took effect at precisely 11:00 AM. Between those two times, almost 3,000 soldiers were killed. There are three inconjuncts.

Moon Inconjunct Jupiter

If your mother does not support your needs fully, you will feel insecure and will look elsewhere for support and fulfillment. In this case your concern will be totally for yourself with little thought for other people’s needs.

Mercury Inconjunct Pluto

On another level, this aspect can mean that at certain times in your life you will go through tremendous psychological changes. All your thoughts and opinions will change completely. These stages may seem difficult, but you will be much better off if you let go of the past and welcome the new ideas.

Neptune Inconjunct Ascendant

The more positive way of dealing with this energy is by giving freely before others try to take it from you. In order to do this, you have to feel good about yourself and confident that you will always have enough for yourself and others.

The Treaty of Versailles (June 28, 1919)

This one became the most one-sided treaty of all time. It also, effectively, pissed off the German people so much that they decided within 15 years to back Hitler in his quest for the Third Reich.

This event chart was already on my Kepler 7.0 program, but the date was listed as June 18, 1919. The programmers had missed the passage in the history books: it was intended to be in recognition of the fifth anniversary of Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s assassination. Oh, well, it’s an easy mistake to make.

Notice that there are no inconjuncts, this time. But that stubborn Uranus is still the handle of the bucket @ 1° Pisces. I’m guessing that the ‘war’ planets needed to be confined to the 10th and 11th Houses of a chart, with Mars conjunct the Midheaven. That’s where the next World War came from…

The Start and End of the Great War Compared

Five years, and not much had changed in that time period. Even the conjunction of the two charts’ Ascendants (22°-25° Scorpio) seems significant to me. In a way, this implies that nothing was resolved.


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