The Wellspring*: Two Sessions Exactly Five Years Apart

August 7, 2013/2018: *Interim Channelling

Close-up of a dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)

2013: Seeds of Inspiration

Seeds of inspiration drop on you all the time, it is incumbent on you to work with them in order to decide your movement. Inspiration is only guidance; it does not deny you free will. Possibilities are all they are. You are the creator of your own destiny, you are a creator. The god inside you creates scenarios and gives you opportunities to work with. The outcome is not predestined. The interplay of all energy is all round you weaving a tapestry of great complexity and beauty. It is a mistake to assume that conflict does not have a creative beauty in the greater scheme of things. It is part of the human potential and experience. Without conflict much necessary change would not happen as it is the human trait to fear change because the outcome is so uncertain. You are not meant to have certainty. That would lead to stagnation and dissolution.

Love is the great glue that binds all things, but even that can have many manifestations and forms. Do not look for one defining form of it. Tough love is a more recent term used and is appropriate in many cases. To live a life up to the expectation of others, in the name of love, very often denies truth. Pain also is an agent of change and new creative thought. Do not be limited by the fear of causing pain to others as it is likely that others need the impulse to change and grow. So long as that inflicted is not motivated by vindictiveness or revenge, there is purity within such action. Live each day fully in your truth but try to use the seeds of inspiration as a guide.

2018: Little Bits of Music

Little bits of music will bring into focus many of the issues you are confronting. They will work on the emotional level to assist the release of much which has been locked in. Let the tears flow, if they are brought forth, it is cleansing. For too long old emotional associations have crippled your progress, blocking the courage to break out. You had the excitement of the unknown in your youth, but with the passing years barriers have been erected to guard you, due to disappointments and hurts, binding you from many possibilities and potentials you could have embraced. Self doubt also glued the blocks of resistance into place. Little did you realise how hemmed in and limited you had become.

The changing times are about the release of those blockages so that a totally new way to experience life on Earth is there for you. The old ways need to be released ,for those who are ready, to enable them to live at a different vibration within the community. These words appear abstract at present, but within you changes are happening. This is the reason that a depression has been descending on you with feelings of pointlessness. This will pass; be patient. The changes cannot happen overnight, but must integrate to order to sit comfortably within the psyche. It is the human frame that is changing, not the eternal soul it contains. That is becoming more evident within human presentation. It is a process of integration or overshadowing.

The questions you have been asking relate to the forthcoming times. Much is in a state of flux and needs refinement as people readjust their energies. Just because you want something, does not mean it is right for another. Breathing in the power of the times will enable you to exist with whatever is the outcome. We do not promise anything that is not possible. You have to understand the situation clearly and not form a petty perspective. Remember that life is eternal and you are not limited by time. Everything comes to those who wait, but use the waiting time usefully, filling it with as much energy and purpose as you can.

Listen to the music within you. Listen to the strains of a melody that is heard by no one else. It brings solace and peace to a heart that has been denied for so long, but which has enabled you to develop strengths which would have remained dormant.

The truth of any situation is there before you, if you will but see it…Trust your inner strength and inner voice.

The need to do something is there for all; however, at this moment, rest and recuperation is the best use of your time. The demands of the previous years have left their mark, and the lethargy you feel is bringing all into focus. Bring the world of creation into your arena and enjoy your time drawing or painting to assist the clearing of the mind. The concentration of applying line and colour can assist the process of relaxation to see the overview with the perspective of the soul, which will then dissolve all fears and blockages due to emotional hurts which have begun to restrict clear sight. These do not need to be works of art, doodles and sketches will do.

How are you going to feel when the time comes to move forward? Will you recognise the opportunities or flounder with doubt? This fear you have of asking for and accepting what you truly want has been one of your lessons. This thought that you should want or fear to spend money is not really based on lack of funds, but the desire to stretch everything out. You can be penny-wise and pound-foolish. Look inside to decide whether you are just making do.

Since you have learnt the lessons of economy, you also need to learn the lessons of abundance. By not believing in your right to have those experiences you yearn for, things continue to elude you. It is important that others recognise that you also have needs which they could satisfy. By reticence you deprive them of the spur to action. Your contribution is recognised by yourself sufficiently, but blocks their awareness of your needs. Be direct with your requests.

Little though you realise it, the time will shortly answer your prayers. Do not have preconceived ideas how this will be done, it depends on many factors in the offing. Free will must always be observed as you are all creators. Do not limit expectations. Live in the moment and take opportunities which present themselves. Unite the purpose of all you seek. Prayers do get answered. Trust.

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