Now that We have a Variant (Omicron) of Concern…

The Start of the “Spanish” Flu (H1N1-A) (March 4, 1918)

Did you even imagine that we’d still be dealing with COVID-19, two years later? If history is anything to go by, that would be par for the course. I thought it might be informative to look at the ‘birth’ chart of the “Spanish” flu, as generally accepted.

Spanish flu, also known as the Great Influenza epidemic or the 1918 influenza pandemic, was an exceptionally deadly global influenza pandemic caused by the H1N1 influenza A virus. The earliest documented case was March 1918 in Kansas, United States, with further cases recorded in France, Germany and the United Kingdom in April. Two years later, nearly a third of the global population, or an estimated 500 million people, had been infected in four successive waves. Estimates of deaths range from 17 million to 50 million, and possibly as high as 100 million, making it one of the deadliest pandemics in human history.


The timing is totally speculative, of course, but in my mind’s eye, I see the cook at Camp Funston waiting until after breakfast to seek medical help for what was ailing him. There are two inconjuncts.

Mercury Inconjunct Saturn

A particularly serious problem [with this aspect] can be feeling suspicious of others, which later in life will turn into a cynical attitude about people’s behavior. True, it is good to be aware of the realities of life and not [be] over-idealistic. But you shouldn’t look at life in the worst possible light. You need to be surrounded by positive and optimistic people, and your parents should try not to be too negative around you and to make sure that you experience the best and most cheerful aspects of life. You will learn soon enough what to expect of the world without having your nose rubbed in its less desirable features.

Mercury Inconjunct Neptune

The challenge of this aspect is to make your thinking and communication with others more clear. Your rational mind is strongly influenced by your sensitivity, imagination and ideals, although you aren’t always sure how this happens. You tend to spend too much time in your own imaginary world that no one else can share, and this confuses your dealings with others. You will have to learn to face reality, so that you can at least communicate with people. Otherwise you will have a very lonely life.

Saturn Conjunct Neptune

Wherever this aspect affects the chart, it brings about a feeling of insecurity, as if reality itself were not quite dependable. You are fearful and tend toward depression. However, if you master its energies, you can learn to live with very little. This aspect does not necessarily mean that you won’t have physical resources, it merely means that they are less essential to you than to others. Many persons with this aspect choose to be unencumbered by material possessions, preferring to live ascetically, with few comforts. And the psychological effect is similar, in that you may have a very great capacity to sacrifice yourself for others or for your beliefs.

Basically you must learn to trust, not only other people, but the universe as well. You must believe that circumstances in your life will work out in your favor, because life should be no harder for you than for anyone else. However, if you succumb to the fear that can accompany this aspect, you will be subject to sudden losses of confidence, fits of anxiety and possibly fear of others.

(Like the newspaper clipping from 1918 says: To prevent influenza, ‘avoid worry, fear and fatigue.’)

Comparison of the Spanish Flu and COVID-19

Now doesn’t that beat all?! Venus is conjunct Venus in the charts @ 13° Aquarius (give or take 26 minutes or so). Now I know why I called COVID-19 “The Love Bug”. The other direct conjunction is between the Spanish Flu’s Moon and COVID-19’s Mars @ 27° Scorpio. Perhaps the armed forces were involved this time…

Notice how there are three interactive Yods connecting these charts. Hmm. Cosmic, maybe?

Comparison of mortality rates by mid-2020

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