It was the Best Day of Her Life

The Wedding of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson (July 23, 1986)

You might think that a royal wedding is the fairy tale ending for all young women. Well, judging by the photos of Charles and Diana, Andrew and Sarah, Harry and Meghan you might think so, too, but then the reality sets in, after they close their bedroom doors, later.

The first and obvious thing to notice is the Sun/Mercury conjunction @ 0° Leo in the 10th House of Career. This was, for all intents and purposes, a wedding to take peoples’ minds off any potential scandals brewing in the House of Windsor. But it had a trio of inconjuncts which ‘almost’ formed a Yod.

Sun Inconjunct Moon

This aspect suggests that there is a subtle conflict going on inside uou that may sometimes create emotional problems. The Sun signifies your conscious personality, the way in which you act and the kinds of activities that you like to get involved in. The Moon signifies the emotional and less conscious side of you. It indicates the habits that take over when you are not acting consciously and feelings that come up from deep inside you. The inconjunct aspect between the Sun and Moon means that the Sun part of your personality is quite different from the Moon part, and it may be hard for you to relate them to each other. It is as if you are divided in two, so that whenever you have to make an important decision, especially one that involves your feelings, the different sides of your personality want to go in opposite directions. You sometimes find it difficult to decide if you like something or if you want to take part in some activity.

But a much more difficult problem arises if you decide that one of these personalities is good and the other bad, so that you try to repress and hold down any behavior from the “bad” side. Unfortunately, that only makes it more difficult to handle that side, so that you have intense urges to do things that you think you should not do. You begin to act in ways that betray the image of yourself that you are trying to build up.

The only solution is to accept both sides of your personality, for they are both you, and it is important to express them both. It is only your attitude of rejection that makes one side good and the other side bad.

Moon Inconjunct Mercury

It may be hard for you to put your feelings into words, because your emotions are so different from your intellect. Of course, there is nothing really strange about your feelings, but that part of your mind is quite different from the reasoning part. In fact it would be very unfortunate if you decided to listen only to your reason, because your intuition and imagination, both of which are more related to the Moon, can be of great assistance to you. They can tell you much about the world that your reasoning mind cannot.

Uranus Inconjunct Midheaven

You need to express your thoughts and feelings, but you often upset people around you with your words. You seem to enjoy creating a stir every time you say something, but this can get you into quite a bit of trouble with parents, teachers and other authority figures. The underlying principle of this aspect is the need to balance your individual self-expression and manner of communicating with your need to learn and grow under the guidance of older people.

(I know that a marriage between two people is about them both, but in this case would seem to be about Sarah, alone: interesting.)

That kiss…

Now let’s look at how this event affected the two marriage partners, but from Sarah’s perspective.

First things first: the interactive Yod between Andrew and Sarah is pointing at Sarah’s Moon. Andrew’s Pluto (@ 5° Virgo) and his Neptune (@ 9° Scorpio) are the inconjuncts to her Moon (@ 6° Aries). This means that their relationship exacerbates her insecurities.) And I never noticed before that Andrew’s Sun is exactly 0° Pisces, conjunct the event Moon. Hmm.

I suspect that Sarah and Andrew have been married before: her Mars is within 1° of the event South Node. Andrew’s Midheaven is conjunct the event North Node. And all three Parts of Fortune are conjunct in Taurus. Maybe that’s why they still live together after being divorced more than 25 years ago. Such constancy in a world of upset may be due to Sarah’s need for financial security.

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