Was Rommel “The Swan King” in a Past Life?

Ludwig II of Bavaria (August 25, 1845 – June 13, 1886)

Circa 1874

A fellow astrologer-blogger has linked the life of this King to Erwin Rommel. Does his hypothesis hold up to astrological scrutiny?

As you might expect the birth chart of this royal has a Yod, pointing at Mercury from inconjuncts to Mars and Neptune on one side and Pluto on the other. So, he might well have been mad, as his other nickname “The Fairy Tale King” implies. He was the one to build many beautiful Bavarian castles, even when he could not afford to.

He may well have been murdered.

He was just 40 years old when he died suspiciously.

Speculation exists that Ludwig was murdered by his enemies while attempting to escape from Berg. One account suggests that the king was shot. The King’s personal fisherman, Jakob Lidl (1864–1933), stated, “Three years after the king’s death I was made to swear an oath that I would never say certain things – not to my wife, not on my deathbed, and not to any priest … The state has undertaken to look after my family if anything should happen to me in either peacetime or war.” Lidl kept his oath, at least orally, but left behind notes that were found after his death. According to Lidl, he had hidden behind bushes with his boat, waiting to meet the king, to row him out into the lake, where loyalists were waiting to help him escape. “As the king stepped up to his boat and put one foot in it, a shot rang out from the bank, apparently killing him on the spot, for the king fell across the bow of the boat.” However, the autopsy report indicates no scars or wounds were found on the body of the dead king; on the other hand, many years later, Countess Josephine von Wrbna-Kaunitz would show her afternoon tea guests a grey Loden coat with two bullet holes in the back, asserting it was the one Ludwig was wearing. Another theory suggests that Ludwig died of natural causes (such as a heart attack or stroke) brought on by the cool water (12 °C) of the lake during an escape attempt.


Comparing Rommel’s Birth Chart with Ludwig II’s Charts

Yes, well, what do you know? There are sufficient links to prove my fellow astrologer to be correct. (I wonder how he gets his hints?) Rommel’s Sun is conjunct Ludwig’s fatal Moon and natal North Node. Rommel’s Jupiter is conjunct Ludwig’s fatal South Node and his natal Midheaven. Rommel’s Saturn is conjunct Ludwig’s fatal Jupiter and natal Mercury/Venus conjunction. There are other individual links, but these should suffice our curiosity.

A lesson well-learned.

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