The Double Irony of an Agent Mossad called “Angel”

Ashraf Marwan (February 4, 1944 – June 27, 2007)

I watched this film on Netflix last night. Other than the fact that almost half of it was subtitled, it proved fascinating viewing. The point-of-view taken by the producers was that Ashraf Marwan was a very successful double agent who helped the Syrian and Egyptian armies attack Israeli forces while ‘truthfully’ telling Mossad what they were going to do. The story of “The Boy Who Cried ‘Wolf'” may have been the inspiration for his ruse. He died in London under suspicious circumstances in 2007.

You cannot get any closer to the heart of Egyptian politics than to marry the daughter of (then) Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser. He started work under Nasser in 1969, in a minor capacity, only to become more important to Anwar Sadat, after Nasser suddenly died. The plot to hoodwink the Israelis may have been hatched between them, then.


Only one astrology site has a birth chart for Marwan. His birth time is unknown, so I’m not sure what their criteria was to erect it. I totally randomized the timing, but I got an almost exact copy of theirs. Strange, that.

There are interesting conjunctions: the Moon and Saturn @ 19° Gemini 55-56′; and the North Node, PoF and Pluto @ 7° Leo. Neptune conjunct the Descendant in Libra (age 25) may be the real clue to his reason for being a spy. But we’ll never know because he took his secrets to the grave.

There are four inconjuncts, two of which form a Yod (Finger of God) pointing at Venus. Perhaps he did it all for love.

Moon Inconjunct Mercury

As you grow older, you will have to learn to make your feelings and your reason work together. The problem is not so much that they come into conflict with each other, but that your reason and feelings represent two very different sides of your personality. When you are calm and collected and able to reflect carefully, you make decisions in one way. But when you are emotionally involved in a situation, you are likely to make up your mind very differently, which could cause you to seem inconsistent to others and make it difficult for them to understand you.

Mercury Inconjunct Saturn

This aspect can have several different meanings. You may have hidden fears that are difficult to express, but they cause you to do things that others can’t understand. These may include fear of the dark or of certain places or people. Or this aspect can mean that you often feel depressed and sad for no apparent reason. You tend to see the serious side of life, and it weighs on you more than on most people.

Venus Inconjunct Mars

You must learn to control your emotions to some extent, so that your feelings do not prevent you from getting along with others. It is difficult for you to react to someone without emotions, for you tend to either love or hate people quite intensely. Your feelings are often mixed, even towards your friends. One moment you love your friend, and the next moment you hate him or her. Any little problem can set off your anger against someone, but you usually cool off quickly also. Your close relationships will be a bit stormier than most, but this should not be a serious problem in later life. In fact you probably prefer stormy relationships, because it means that you are really involved with the other person.

Venus Inconjunct Pluto

With this aspect you must learn a great deal about the kinds of friends you want and the kinds of experiences you will have through other people. Even while you are still young, you may meet persons who are quite difficult to get along with, but who seem to be impossible to get away from, even when you want to. You may be fascinated by such persons, or circumstances may force you to stay with them. These people do have a definite role to play in your life, but it may not always be a pleasant one. They will teach you something about life or about yourself.

(Such is the business of spying, my friends.)

The Yom Kippur War (October 6, 1973)

It’s a funny business being a distant witness of some world events. The lessons are there, if you’re willing to pay attention. The present tensions of a potential war with Russia over Ukraine’s sovereignty is a case in point. Is Putin bluffing, or is he just crying “Wolf” until no one pays him any mind anymore and then he’ll cross the Ukraine border, like Caesar crossing the Rubicon? We shall see.

There’s that form of a star in the chart, again. Three Yods, pointing at Mars, Saturn and Uranus. Notice, too, that the Moon and Jupiter are conjunct with the event Ascendant @ 2° Aquarius. Interesting.

The whole point of this exercise seems to be to get the United States to seek a peace agreement between Egypt and Israel. This in fact happened and has been the longest peace agreement in the Middle East. Funny how things turn out.

What about those missing shoes? (June 27, 2007)

At the end of the day, Marwan died from an apparent ‘fall’ from his sixth floor balcony. Did he jump or was he pushed? Hmm.

Yes, well, this is totally inconclusive, even when an accurate timing is known. There are three inconjuncts, so maybe there’s more to the story than meets the eye. But even if he was pushed, who did it: Mossad, the Egyptians, or the British? (Yes, it was rumoured that he was working with the Brits, too.)

Only when you put the three charts together does the whole picture open up.

But rather than spell it out for you, I’ll let you use your own intuition and puzzle-solving techniques to get the answer. My only hint is that one side of this unholy triangle was made to look stupid.

Angel of Death or Angel of Deliverance? You decide.

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