A Meeting of Two Remarkable Men in the 13th Century

Marco Polo (Sep 1254 – Jan 1324) and Kublai Khan (Sep 1215 – Feb 1294)

On this eve of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games 2022, I thought it might be interesting to look back about 750 years to this meeting, because without that happening, the present would be quite different.

September 19, 1275

Before I show you what purports to be a totally ‘inspired’ event chart, I want to share how I arrived at the date: in the Julian calendar, Marco Polo was born on September 15, 1254 and Kublai Khan was born on September 23, 1215. I split the difference between them, and pinned the date to 1275, when Polo was just 21. In other words, their meeting was (in effect) a double birthday celebration.

Marco Polo on Meeting the Great Khan for the First Time

Marco Polo met Kublai Khan soon after arriving in Shangdu. He called the great Khan a “Lord of Lords” and “the most powerful man in people and in lands and in treasure that ever was in the world” – -and this was probably no exaggeration. [Sources: Mike Edwards, National Geographic, May 2001, June 2001, July 2001]

Marco recalled it in detail on the greatest moment when he first met the Great Khan:” They knelt before him and made obeisance with the utmost humility. The Great Khan bade them rise and received them honorably and entertained them with good cheer. He asked many questions about their condition and how they fared after their departure. The brothers assured him that they had indeed fared well, since they found him well and flourishing. [Source: Silk Road Foundation silk-road.com/artl/marcopolo ]

“Then they presented the privileges and letters which the Pope had sent, with which he was greatly pleased, and handed over the holy oil, which he received with joy and prized very highly. When the Great Khan saw Marco, who was then a young stripling, he asked who he was. ‘Sir’ said Messer Niccolo, ‘he is my son and your liege man.’ ‘He is heartly welcome,’ said the Khan. What need to make a long story of it? Great indeed were the mirth and merry-making with which the Great khan and all his Court welcomed the arrival of these emissaries. And they were well served and attended to in all their needs. They stayed at Court and had a place of honor above the other barons.”

The timing is also randomized, so the inconjunct (which does not depend on a correct time for the day) seems to be symbolic of the meeting of East and West.

Jupiter Inconjunct Neptune

You may have a natural talent for dominating others, but don’t fall in love with this talent and be motivated by it. You can be effective at influencing people only if you use your talent to help others and yourself achieve desirable goals together. You must be an agent for betterment at all times, and even so you must listen to others’ ideas about betterment to be sure that you aren’t just seeking power in a more roundabout manner.

Marco Polo’s Birth Chart

This chart is rectified to show the journey that he undertook for age 21 (Jupiter). There is one inconjunct between Venus and Uranus. That Saturn on the Ascendant in Capricorn is significant, too, I expect.

Kublai Khan’s Birth Chart

This chart is totally randomized. Even so, three of the four inconjuncts have Jupiter in Pisces at one end. What are the chances of that? The other ends are Saturn, Uranus and the Sun in Libra. Hmm. Finally Venus is inconjunct Mars. That explains his choice of administration over conquest: it made him softer than his grandfather, Genghis Khan.

Combining the Three Charts Together

When you compare the charts, it is obvious that this meeting had more to do with Marco Polo’s destiny than with Kublai Khan’s life. And that is to be expected. But some have accused him of making it all up. On his deathbed, he said this:

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