Synchronicity: Fox and Geese Childhood Game

A Gnostic Illustration

Illustration from Jesus and the Lost Goddess

Maybe this is a stretch, but I see a symbolic representation of Gnosis in this childhood game.


  1. This game requires four or more players and a large, open area of unspoiled snow.
  2. Stomp a big circle in the snow and two intersecting paths through the middle of the circle. Where the paths meet, stomp out a small safe zone. The figure should look like a circle with an x in it, with a stomped-out circle in the center. Choose one person to be the fox; all other players are geese. The fox chases the geese and tries to tag one of them. All players must run only on the paths, and geese can’t be tagged when they’re standing in the safe zone. As soon as the fox catches a goose, that goose becomes the new fox.

When we were children in the 1950’s, the circle had at least six radii, and it was an exhilarating game, with lots of running around. The following video shows how it works.

The Circle as Spiritual Initiation

The radii, representing individual psyches, terminate at the circumference in individual bodies. But at the centre is a shared essence. When we look outwards to the psyche-body we each appear separate, but actually our centre is the centre. As Plotinus teaches, if we ‘hold through our centre to that centre of all centres’, we will discover that our consciousness is the one Consciousness of God.

Jesus and the Lost Goddess (page 64)

See what I mean?

Plotinus explains: ‘All beings may be thought of as centres uniting at one central centre. The centres appear as numerous as the lines starting from them, and yet all those centres constitute a unity. Thus we may liken conscious being in their diversity to many centres coinciding with one centre. They are all one because they share the same centre, but appear to be many because of the many radial lines which lead from the centre.’

Ibid (page 65)

A Personal Illustration of This Oneness

In the past couple of days, I was discussing the life and death of Sharon Tate in regards to reincarnation. My point was that she may have come back after her horrific murder as literally thousands of people. In my work here, I’ve had a least two people who remember a past life as Sharon. I mentioned this in an email. Overnight, I got an email response from one of those women, describing more about her feelings (and fears, if I’m being honest). This seems to be a pattern that has happened previously with the reincarnated MM. I call it a ‘trick of the Universe’, but now I’m thinking that the synchronicity is ‘proof’ that I’m getting closer and closer to the centre: Cosmic Consciousness.

If we go back to the game of Fox and Geese, the symbolism becomes quite clear. The Fox is the psychic Bogeyman; the Geese are ordinary folks; and the Safety Zone in the exact centre is where we realize that we are safe from death and destruction. We were never born and we will never die. We are eternal.

This Crop Circle Started Me on the Inward Path to the Centre

Rune symbols

And One More Thought

I am not there yet.

But I appreciate that the term Gnostic Christian is becoming more applicable every day.

The column up the middle is the way I’m approaching the Centre (via 6 Beauty)

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2 Responses to Synchronicity: Fox and Geese Childhood Game

  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    ‘Round and ’round the cobbler’s bench
    The monkey chased the weasel,
    The monkey thought ’twas all in fun
    Pop! Goes the weasel.

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  2. cdsmiller17 says:

    “By identifying with the physical body, which is governed by the laws of cause and effect, we have become prisoners on the ‘wheel of necessity’. We are bound to the ‘wheel of suffering’ and must endure the consequences. The only escape is to realize our true impersonal identity as Consciousness at the still centre of the turning wheel, represented by the Godman and the pole star.
    “Astrological determinism was immensely popular in the ancient world. Gnostics, however, were at pains to emphasize that the stars are not the cause of events here on Earth, but rather archetypal patterns in the heavens which correspond to events on Earth, and so help us understand the ebb and flow of fate. The Christian Gnostic Theodotus writes that the stars ‘are not the cause of things, but a sign of what is taking place’.”
    Jesus and the Lost Goddess (page 114)

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