Oh, So That’s Why I Can Remember So Much

The Draught of Oblivion

Oblivion symbol (courtesy of Deviant Art)

As we have explored previously, the original Christians do not understand Hell in the same way as the later Literalist Christians. Literalists teach the horrendous idea that after one life some of us will be doomed to burn in the underworld forever. Christian Gnostics, like Pagan Gnostics before them, teach that this world is the underworld. We come here many times, progressing through many lives in an ongoing process of spiritual maturation which reaches fruition in the realization of Gnosis. Those who do not realize Gnosis in this life are reincarnated here to continue their spiritual schooling. This is symbolized by the left-hand path to Hell. Those who do realize Gnosis in this life know their essential nature to be the Mystery of God, so they don’t continue to make the error of identifying with a physical body. This is symbolized by the right-hand path to Heaven.


To the Gnostics, the two paths represented remembering and forgetting. The right-hand path of remembering our true nature leads to Heaven. The left-hand path of forgetting our true nature leads back into the cave of the cosmos. Pagan Gnostics imagined that those who took the left-hand path were give a ‘draught of oblivion’ to drink, after which they found themselves reincarnated in a physical body. Christian Gnostics, likewise, compared our present state to one of forgetfulness, sleep, drunkenness and death, from which we need to awaken through Gnosis.

Jesus and the Lost Goddess (page 109)


This underworld cave in which we are incarnated is both a hellish prison in which we are temporarily exiled from Heaven and a womb in which we have the opportunity to spiritually mature. If we have lived a good life but not realized Gnosis, in our next incarnation the Goddess of Justice will assign us a life in which it will be easier for us to spiritually awaken. The Book of the Saviour teaches:

‘In its next birth, the good psyche will not be given the draught of oblivion, but will be cast back into a body which will not be able to fall asleep and forget. It will be ever pure in heart, seeking after the Mysteries of Light until it has found them, by order of the Virgin of Light, so that the psyche may inherit the light for ever.’

The figure of the Virgin of Light is equivalent to the higher Sophia, who represents the disembodied aspect of the psyche in communion with Consciousness at the centre of the circle of self. As our judge at death, who creates our future fate according to our just deserts, she represents our own higher nature which, aware of our presently limited awareness, fashions a life for us that will give us the opportunities we need to awaken.

Ibid (page 111)

I know that it may seem tedious when I quote at length from one chapter of a book I’m reading, but I wanted you to see that what I have being going through in this life is a blessing, not a curse. My ability to remember past lives through the research I’ve been doing with Astrology and Reincarnation means that I’m finally beginning to understand the past well enough to avoid similar problems in the future, hopefully. I might even be able to witness my life’s journey as one long continuation of growth.

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