Yesterday in History XIV

The Wars of the Roses (May 22, 1455)

Two arms of the Plantagenet family duke it out for control of the English crown.

On this day in 1455: The Wars of the Roses begin with the First Battle of St. Albans.

“Richard led a force of around 3,000–7,000 troops south toward London, where they were met by Henry’s force of 2,000 at St Albans, north of London, on 22 May 1455. Though the ensuing struggle resulted in fewer than 160 casualties combined, it was a decisive Yorkist victory. King Henry VI had been taken prisoner by Richard’s men, having found the monarch hiding in a local tanner’s shop, abandoned by his courtiers and advisors. Despite the paucity of casualties on either side, many of Richard and the Neville family’s most influential foes were killed, including the Duke of Somerset, the Earl of Northumberland, and the Baron Clifford. With the king in his custody and many of his key rivals dead, Richard was again appointed Lord Protector by Parliament, and the Yorkist faction regained their position of influence.” (Wikipedia)

This chart is randomized, but in spite of that, there is one prominent inconjunct.

Venus Inconjunct Saturn

You need and want love, but you may not be able to get it easily. You may feel that your parents, teachers and other persons in authority make demands on you that you must fulfill before they will give you any love and support. If that is true, it is unfortunate, because you deserve respect and love as much as anyone. Although everyone must fulfill cewrtain social demands, this should not be the condition for being loved. If this demand is carried to an extreme in your case, you will become cold-hearted and unable to love others even when you want to. You may also feel that you cannot indulge yourself in any pleasure or even love. When you are older, you may feel that duty and ambition must come before love and human relationships. Unfortunately, if you follow that path, you will become very lonely, and when you realize that you belong to no one and nothing, you will go through a spiritual crisis.

This aspect means that your family will make you feel that you are unworthy of love. Unless you are given a great deal of love while you are young, you will be attracted to cold and unfeeling people when you are an adult. Such people are an outward expression of your inner feeling of unworthiness.

Even without any pressure, you are likely to be more disciplined than most people your age. You don’t go overboard in anything, and you feel strongly that your worth depends on what you do and how much you accomplish.

(This does sound like Richard III, doesn’t it?)

So, while the Lancasters and the Yorks battled it out, they were combined in the end as the Tudors…

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  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    My original post, written in haste yesterday afternoon, had the wrong inconjunct description. My apologies.


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