The Day that Big Ben Started Keeping Time

Big Ben (May 31, 1859)

On this day in 1859: The clock tower at the Houses of Parliament, which houses Big Ben, starts keeping time in London.

I was originally going to post this one as part of my “Yesterday in History” series, but then changed my mind when I realized how significant this event actually is to democracy in the United Kingdom.

I’ve set the clock for midnight on the day. All the lights and planets are below the horizon. Saturn is in the 6th House, conjunct the Descendant. Neptune is in the (very wide) 1st House. This is significant.

Venus and Pluto are (almost) exactly conjunct @ 7° Taurus, with both inconjunct to the Midheaven.

Venus Inconjunct Midheaven

You are very likely to feel that there is a conflict between what you ought to do in a particular situation and what would be acceptable to the people around you. Often your friendships come into conflict with your parents’ intentions for you, which is difficult to resolve. Later in life, you may see your job, career or profession as a part of your life that is quite separate from your personal relationships with loved ones. This may cause you to neglect one area in favor of the other, instead of trying to create a balance between them.

This same pattern of thinking may make you believe that you must sacrifice pleasure and enjoyment in order to achieve anything worthwhile in life.

Pluto Inconjunct Midheaven

You may have trouble with older people who try to teach you how to effectively take control of your life. Even while you are young, you may resent their control over you and resist everything they are trying to teach you. To a great extent, your path in life will be shaped by your early confrontations with authority figures. Your parents and teachers should be very straightforward with you, because if you feel that people are not being honest with you, you will not be honest with them. You are quite capable of acting behind people’s backs if you consider it necessary or if you feel that you never get your own way.

(Now, I’ve written about this, to get to a point that demonstrates my point about democracy…)

The Silent Minute (November 10, 1940)

The Silent Minute was an historic movement begun in the United Kingdom by Major Wellesley Tudor Pole O.B.E. in 1940. It continues today as a London-based charity following its revival by Dorothy Forster. During the Second World War people would unite in meditation, prayer or focus (each according to their own belief) and consciously will for peace to prevail. This dedicated minute received the direct support of King George VI, Sir Winston Churchill and his Parliamentary Cabinet. It was also recognized by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and observed on land and at sea on the battlefields, in air raid shelters and in hospitals. With Churchill’s support, the BBC, on Sunday, November 10, 1940, began to play the bells of Big Ben on the radio as a signal for the Silent Minute to begin.


I’ve hinted at this before, here. Now, I want to show you how one minute of silent prayer every day can make a difference in your life and in the lives of those around you.

Notice those two planets from the previous chart are active in this one: Pluto is on the cusp of the 2nd House; and Venus is inconjunct to Jupiter and Saturn (these two planets being symbolic of the United Kingdom).

Venus Inconjunct Jupiter

This can be a positive aspect if you learn to control some of its negative possibilities. You are likely to lack energy and to be rather passive. You may wait for opportunities to come to you, rather than go after them. You may not have enough energy to pursue your ambitions, or you may not have enough ambition. Or you may love your comfort so much that you are unwilling to make any effort to put up with any pain that could help you grow and develop. However, if there are any indications of energuy in your chart, you should overcome the passivity.

On the plus side, you need love and affection, and you can usually be very warm and affectionate as well. However, it is very important that you choose your close friends carefully, because you may attract people who are difficult to get along with, who order you around or act as if they are better than you. Avoid such people, for they will do you no good.

Venus Inconjunct Saturn

This aspect means that your family may make you feel that you are unworthy of love. Unless you are given a great deal of love while you are young, you will be attracted to cold and unfeeling people when you are an adult. Such people are an outward expression of your inner feeling of unworthiness.

Even without any pressure, you are likely to be more disciplined than most people your age. You don’t go overboard in anything, and you feel strongly that your worth depends on what you do and how much you accomplish.

This is a powerful way to help heal divisions and protect the world. Take a minute every day to assist, please. You won’t regret it, I promise.

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  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    ‘To play your part in the evolution of humanity, your experience will be the lasting legacy to bring about changes which will move society forward. The enlightenment will be planetary and not singular, and the raising of the planetary vibration will happen in “the blinking of an eye” from the time perspective of the Universe.’ Fenella Rundell “A Bigger Perspective”


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