Getting a Second Chance at Life

Chants the Kakariki

According to his breeder, this little fellow should not be alive right now. He (almost) hatched, on September 27th, but couldn’t break through his shell completely. His breeder said that she’d been out when he started the task of escaping his confines, and when she finally looked, all internal movement had ceased. So, she opened up his eggshell, and there he was, still alive. She called him ‘Chance’.

That inconjunct between the Moon and Neptune may give us a clue about Chants’ will to live. (I decided to keep his name but change the spelling so that it will mean ‘the songs’ he sings.)

He is still with the breeder for at least five more weeks, as he is being hand-fed, until he signals that it’s time to be weaned off his baby formula. And, by all accounts, he’s going to be a big bird for his species.

This is what he will look like when fully grown.

Red-fronted Kakariki parakeet in front of white background (courtesy of iStock)

Now, my reason for sharing this with you all is a question that I’ve had since watching a video yesterday of how Chants reacted with my wife, Susan. To say he was ‘all over her’ would be an understatement. In fact, even the breeder is surprised by how he has taken to Susan. Chants was hatched 9 days before Kaiya passed. And yet, even the way Susan was led to the breeder (one week later) was bizarre, to say the least. Most people would agree that birds, if they have souls, belong to a group soul. Does that group soul know when and how to fill a void for a human when a beloved pet bird dies? That’s my question.

I suspect that something like transmigration of souls is in operation here, but totally unprovable, at least to a rational scientist. But to a ‘true believer’ this is just the Universe’s way of providing for all our needs, especially in our time of grief.

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