When All Else Fails, Sue the B*stards

Trump: Plaintiff in Chief

It occurred to me last week that Donald Trump likes to think that there is an Art of the Deal. I’ve said before that it’s actually the Art of the Steal. Most of the time, he loses, but his real reason for suing his ‘enemies’ is to foist financial ruination on anyone who dares to challenge him. Ask Hillary Clinton.

There really is no defense against his litigious nature. He does not compromise, he does not negotiate, he uses bully tactics to frighten others into submission. It is time for the American people to see him for what he really is: a self-serving narcissist. He wanted to drain the swamp so that he could be the meanest crocodile in Washington.

All the President’s Lawyers (The New York Times)

This image says it all, really.

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