It’s Only a Novel, but It Means a Lot to Me

Tiberius Julius Alexander

I fell asleep, last night, thinking about this (potential) past life of mine. It’s been almost two years since I finally discovered his existence. I wondered how and what he thinks of me. He seems to have appeared to me in my dreams.

In the meantime, I found, and I’m starting to read, the (above-noted) ‘historical novel’. That there might be an autobiography (in papyrus format) in the St. Catherine Monastery in Egypt seems intriguing, but definitely unlikely. Still, it’s nice to know someone cared enough to write about his life in 1st century CE. I will see if it provides me with further clues about his life.

I’m now at chapter five. Already, I’ve come across a contradiction about his birth. The novel says TJA jr was born in the 39th year of Augustus Caesar’s reign, after Egypt was subdued. That would make it 10 CE (the usually accepted year). But the author said this was 2 years before Augustus’ death in 14 CE. Oops! Small detail, but telling.

Remember that image I provided earlier about the inscription on a wall from him? Well, here’s part of the text, as translated in 1934:

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  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    So, here’s an interesting thought: After Jesus died (in 30 AD), TJA jr would have been about 20. In the novel, his uncle, Philo, takes him to an early Christian meeting being officiated by Mark, who explains who Jesus was/is and why he had to die for the sins of a whole nation. That helps to understand how TJA jr would have known about him.


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