Not Content with Banning Abortions, They Want to…

Ban Abortion Pills, too

Women’s choices are being steadily eroded. As was pointed out in last night’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”, the sanctity of life in the eye of pro-life supporters is only when a fetus is in the womb; when it become a little human being, it can be shot dead by anyone who carries an assault rifle into school.

Something is terribly wrong with American society.

I wonder if they’ve thought this through, those for whom abortion is an abomination. The fear that ‘others’ are taking over their country(?) should be incentive enough to allow abortions, or abortion pills, to continue controlling the population. For, no matter how the law wants to regulate their use, a woman in ‘the family way’ will still opt for what works in her circumstances, even if it becomes illegal. So it has been for many a long year. The hidden agenda is men’s attempted control of women’s reproductive organs.

In “Daisy Jones & The Six” two of the bandmates broke up when the keyboards player went ahead with an abortion without discussing it with the lead guitarist (who would have been the father). Even in a dramatic show like that, the rejection of a man’s offspring is effectively rejection of the man himself.

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