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Twin Flames

The popular explanation for the concept of soulmates is two halves of one soul. Does that even sound possible?

People, especially those who espouse New Age concepts, like to think that there is a perfect match for them: someone who completes them in every way. I’m not sure about that.

Some have even suggested that, if you meet your soulmate, your work on earth is done. Perhaps…


The Right Person at the Right Time?


It seems far more likely to me that people come into our lives to help us achieve our goals, to spur us on to higher consciousness. Past lives together may have happened, but it is more likely that decisions to meet up were agreed upon before birth.

Take for example, Richard Bach and Leslie Parrish: Bach’s books (One, and A Bridge Across Forever) recount their coming together for a time and then, silence. It turns out that they got a divorce in 1999, even though Bach was sure that they were soulmates. If he can get it ‘wrong’, so can the rest of us.


An Ongoing Connection


I think what Edgar Cayce said makes the best sense, in that there may be more than one of these connections in any lifetime.

That may account for an unusually high relationship ‘failure’ rate in this day and age. Note that the word “failure” is in quotes, because the more correct understanding would be that whatever was bringing you together had been accomplished, and so, on to the next challenge.


Love Is All You Need



Yes, it is a mystery how this happens. But, if it weren’t for love, this would be a very lonely world: don’t you agree?



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