Time: a Paradox


What Time Is It?

It’s one of the most overused questions in the world, but we don’t seem to grasp the true meaning of ‘it’.

If you can remember that far back, your experience of time as a child alternated between slow (“Are we there yet?”) and fast (“Is Christmas over already?”). There seemed to be no middle state of being.

We now understand that time, as we perceive it, is governed by our state of mind. If we’re enjoying something, time flies by; if we’re bored, time takes forever.

Time is Relative

Perhaps we only started to grasp a true concept of time in the 20th Century, after Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

But that still doesn’t answer the question, “What time is it?” In the past, Astrologers saw time as a series of cycles involving the planets of our solar system against the backdrop of ‘fixed’ stars in the sky. But, by its very nature, time is relative to our particular point of view, from our world.

If you tried to observe the heavens from one of the other planets, your relative position in the solar system will have changed, and therefore time has, too.

The Overview

The farther we travel into space, the more time changes. This is explained by the maxim: “As above, so below”.

Our perception of time is far different from one experienced by an ant in search for food. Admittedly, the length of a day is the same, but to an ant each day could be the equivalent of a year in its life. To us, an ant has a very short lifespan; to the ant, its life is as long as ours.

Why do you think dogs need to nap during the day, and then sleep all night? They go through a week of their time, while we go through a day of ours. Do you want proof? When you leave home and come back unexpectedly five minutes later because you forgot something, a dog greets you like you’ve been away for hours.

In the (K)NOW

In a spiritual sense there is no time. Everything IS.

We cannot seem to get this point, until we choose to meditate, to step out of time for a little while. Even hypnosis has shown this effect. Ask a person who has been ‘under’ for an hour and they will swear that it was only a few minutes.

Seen from the Creator’s point of view, time is a nonsense. It is our senses that dictate that time is real. It is an illusion. There is only NOW.




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Now for something completely different, but the same:


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