Operation Dynamo


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Dunkirk Evacuation

“On 26 May, Lord Gort received two telegrams, one from Anthony Eden, another from the War Office. The first warned him that evacuation might prove necessary, the second confirmed that it was now necessary. In overall charge of the evacuation would be a fifty-seven-year-old vice-admiral, Bertram Ramsay, a meticulous and impatient man who had only recently been persuaded by his friend, Winston Churchill, to return to the Royal Navy.

Dover Castle

Dover Castle (from personal collection)

“Ramsay’s headquarters would be in Dover Castle’s Dynamo Room. Once the home of the castle’s lighting generator, it now lent its name to the daunting effort of organisation, improvisation and willpower that lay ahead. The evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force began a few minutes before seven o’clock in the evening of Sunday 26 May with a signal sent by the Admiralty: ‘Operation Dynamo is to commence.'” (from Dunkirk: the History Behind the Major Motion Picture by Joshua Levine)

The Chart


Some charts are hard to read; some charts are easy. Sometimes, one has to get behind the scenes to make sense of what one is seeing.

In this instance, the rulers of the signs representing France and Belgium (the Sun and Mercury, respectively) are conjunct in the 7th House of Relationship. The ruler of the sign representing both England and Germany (Mars) is in the 8th House of Death. This looks like a fight to the death, for sure.

Facing utter defeat, the BEF was forced to go as far West and North as it could: the beach at Dunkirk.

Evacuation at Dunkirk

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Scorpio Rising

“You are rather quiet and reserved, but others see clearly that you have deep emotions and feelings, even though you may not say very much. You seem secretive, although that is not really your intention. But you do find it difficult to make yourself understood to people.

“You are quite stubborn, and if necessary you will fight very heard for your position against anyone who opposes you. Your anger is not easily aroused, but when it is, it is a very strong anger that can’t be calmed down easily. You want very much for others to take you seriously, and even if they don’t at first, they will eventually. With this rising sign, you may not seem very formidable at first, but others will quickly discover how tough and resourceful you are.

“You like to experience life with your total being. In fact, others may feel that you go to extremes. You feel that if you approach a new experience cautiously and with moderation, you are watering life down. Thus you may display a kind of courage that others find frightening, although you are not usually reckless. You think out a situation in advance and then take a calculated risk.”

I think this describes Winston Churchill to a ‘T’. With the surrender of Belgium and the likely capitulation of France, he, as the newly appointed Prime Minister, had to salvage what he could of the BEF or face the war ending prematurely with a loss.

Opposed to the Scorpio Ascendant are Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Taurus: a good omen for a man like Ramsay (impatient and meticulous, respectively). Proof that perseverance would win out in the end.

“Discretion is the better part of valour.”


We now cannot even imagine how differently the world would have been had the British Expeditionary Force been defeated and obliterated at Dunkirk. As has been clearly demonstrated in the film Dunkirk by Christopher Nolan, the story is most powerfully told with the attention to detail. It’s the little things that matter, and we relive the experience from the points of view of the participants.


“Victory was snatched from the jaws of defeat.”

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