“X” Marks the Spot


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Have you ever wondered why this one letter of the alphabet is used so much more on its own than others? Maybe there’s a hidden message encoded in it.

Pirate Treasure

I was reading a post by David Wilcock a couple of days ago in which he discussed how the term “False Flag” may have originated. It would seem that the biggest organization of pirates was actually the Knights Templar*, according to him. I’d never read that before. When they wanted to take over a ship and steal its gold, they would fly the flag of that ship’s country and wear their uniforms. The ship’s crew would think that they were ‘friendly’ and let them come alongside, realizing only at the last moment, when it was too late, that they were in fact pirates.

So picture their flag now:


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The Skull and Crossbones “Jolly Roger” flag is so much in our ‘normal’ consciousness that we tune out what the image actually means. Death.

However, the gold had to be hidden after these encounters because there were more ships to plunder, so they would land and bury the booty, creating a map to relocate the cache (cash). As the location was usually a sandy island (known as a “bank”), we can see that offshore banking  is not new for modern pirates to hide their profits.

(Even now, if you want to withdraw cash, but you can’t write your name, you mark with an ‘X’ and then get someone to vouch that you are the owner of the account.)

It is a known fact that the Knights Templar were considered the medieval equivalent of Bankers. *This might be the only reason David Wilcock thought they were the pirates: they were rounded up in the 14th century; the gold shipments from the New World didn’t start until after Christopher Columbus’ discovery of America in 1492. That means that piracy became rampant in the 16th century. The only way that it could be them would be if they went ‘underground’. If so, they would not be Knights Templar any more.


The Holy Grail

Again, the medieval era produced a story about the search for the Holy Grail. Taken at face value, this would seem to be about locating the cup used by Jesus Christ during the Last Supper. But those with an eye for spotting spiritual truth have come to realize that the Holy Grail legend may contain some hints about Mary Magdalene being the Chalice for Jesus’s Sword.


Courtesy of Winger-Hawk

At first glance this would seem to have nothing to do with our search for “X”. But what if we break the elements down and then combine them?



Symbology 101

So the image is sexual, and when the letter X is used, it demonstrates the balance point between male and female energies.


Jesus Christ


Courtesy of Simple Wikipedia

The word Christ can be represented by the first letter ‘chi’. That’s why we often see Christmas as Xmas.

As I have tried to demonstrate throughout the writing of my manuscript “The Star of Bethlehem” Jesus was probably one of the greatest examples of an individual who had a perfect balance of masculine and feminine traits. The idea that we need to be like him is built into the very fabric of our belief systems. But here’s the point: what if being like him meant being crucified to ‘normal’ life? Is that really what he meant when he spoke to his disciples of taking up their cross and following him? (Mark 8:34)

That cross is an “x”. Now that really puts it all into perspective, doesn’t it?

The Knights Templar may have discovered this ‘hidden’ message in Jerusalem, during the Crusades.



So, the next time you vote in an election, think about making your mark…with an “x”.


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    Footnote: Modern X samples include X-rated, X-rays, and the X-files. (All deadly…)


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