Opinion: The Pot is Calling the Kettle Black

False Flag Operations

OK. I’ve written about this before, but recent news suggests that the Russians are going to create a situation in Ukraine by attacking their sympathizers there in a ‘false flag’ operation. This is not new.

The term today extends to include countries that organize attacks on themselves and make the attacks appear to be by enemy nations or terrorists, thus giving the nation that was supposedly attacked a pretext for domestic repression and foreign military aggression


The twist on this one is the fact that there will supposedly be just three operatives that will carry out the attack, and that they are Russian (or so US intelligence has discovered…)

Sounds like the Impossible Missions Force again.

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  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    A month ago, this:
    Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoygu claimed Tuesday that U.S. mercenaries were preparing Ukrainian special forces and radical armed groups for “active hostilities” in eastern Ukraine, and had delivered “an unidentified chemical component” to the region “to commit provocations.”

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