Impossible Mission: Regime Change


The Impossible Missions Force

The term ‘black ops’ is more common now than when this television show premiered in 1966. And there seemed something ‘real’ about it, even though it was supposed to be a fantasy. Especially the opening sequence before the theme music, where Mr. Phelps would be given his group’s instructions. This was always followed by the warning that, should they fail, the Secretary would disavow any knowledge of them.


Lighting the Fuse

In recent years, there has been a noticeable increase in cyber attacks by countries who are ‘enemies’ of the West. These are only noticeable because we are being told about them in the media. If our governments didn’t really want us to know, they would disavow any knowledge, wouldn’t they?

So, ask yourself “Why now?”

Is this a case of the ‘pot [CIA] calling the kettle [KGB] black’?

Russia is the big bugaboo, these days. Putin is the boogeyman. If you want to unite your country behind whatever you’re hoping to accomplish, you need a focus, you need a common enemy.

Head of the Hydra

NATO is hoping to provoke Putin into attacking one of their member states. This is proving a lot harder than they thought it would. He is a wily fox and with today’s technology, he seems to be at least one step ahead of the rest.

During recent Russian elections, he won by a landslide. Sure, the elections were probably rigged and the opposition didn’t have a hope in hell of winning, but Putin likes to be admired, and he puts on a good show, especially for the hometown crowd.

Just before their election day, Putin proudly announced to the Russians that they have built bigger and better atomic missiles. This forced the Americans to admit the same. So much for a secret new “Cold War”. It also puts the US-NK Summit into perspective.

Denuclearization is a farce. But let’s try to keep everyone from worrying about the bomb. Let’s find a way to defeat Putin.

It’s Just a Game

Last night I had a dream about Putin and his cyber-warriors. He made a game of it, mainly to light their creative sparks. He has not told them what to do, he has just suggested that there were things that could be done and left it to them to decide how and when.

The specific image I saw in my dream was of Putin washing his feet. Strange image, to be sure, but an interesting echo of Pilate washing his hands of guilt. He was making sure that he left no digital footprints for anyone to follow. It also meant that he could, you guessed it, “disavow any knowledge” if they got caught.

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