Staring at the Sun



Speeding Up Your Metabolism

In 1978, I read a book (whose title I have since forgotten) that suggested that staring at the sun could prove helpful to your general well-being.

For those who doubt that anyone would suggest that there are health benefits, this is an extension of the principle that sunlight is good for you. But when it’s taken too far, damage can occur.


The Experiment

Following the author’s advice, I sat quietly while the sun was setting (in late September, when the rays weren’t as strong) and stared at it steadily as it dipped below the horizon.

I had no way of knowing if this did the ‘trick’, but I started to notice a missing piece of my vision: I started to see a black hole in the centre of whatever I was looking at.


Solar Retinopathy




The image shown above is the closest approximation  of the effects I was seeing (or not seeing, to be precise). Only, my experience of it was a bumping out effect, similar to looking at Venetian blinds that run parallel until the centre of my vision and then they begin to ‘wow’ outward.

Yes, folks, even for sitting such a short length of time, I had burnt my retinas. It’s the same issue that would happen if you were to stare at a solar eclipse without eye protection. (Remember your mother’s warning?)

However, in a month’s time, the retinas were healed and ‘normal’ vision was restored, but something else may have started to happen.


“X” Ray Vision



Science fiction always tries to scare us about the future, in much the same way that history scares us of our past. This film, first shown in 1963, tried to demonstrate what it would be like to have X-ray eyes. Of course, it’s first and obvious use would be the ability to see beneath clothing, a la Superman. But what happens when you cannot control the vision, and you start to see too much?

I’ve highlighted this before, so I won’t bore you with the details: what if you could start to see subliminal messages everywhere? Would that drive you crazy?



To say that “X” marks the spot would be an understatement. There is no way to shut off the flow of insights that one can get when one’s eyes are open, truly open.

All I can suggest is: take note of what you’re getting and then relax in that knowledge.



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