The Reawakening of Magic

Once 7

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Once Upon A Time – Season 7

It took awhile. The reset to give an adult Henry his own neverending story was going to be a stretch, once you took the Savior (Emma Swann) out of the equation.

Last night was the Fall Finale. And we finally get to the heart of this version of the on-going story line: the latest ‘curse’ needed Regina’s assistance to enact it. What?!


The Curse as Metaphor

Halfway through the hour, I turned and remarked to Susan: “This story is about trying to explain why we cannot remember our former lives when we reincarnate.” So that’s the point I took away from the episode last night: It’s about reincarnation disguised as a fairy story.

Most of the characters are not aware of their former lives, but the ones that are aware, used to be the holders of magic. Unfortunately, only one can still preform magic in modern day Seattle: and she was in a coma when transported from the Enchanted Forest.


Token as Memory Aid


Ceramic white elephant

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Last night, a ceramic white elephant was introduced to the story as a plot device. The holder of said token would be able to remember their family relationship in the present time. It got handed around the Enchanted Forest until just before the curse took hold of their past and deposited them in the present. I suspect that white elephant will be very significant later when we return to the 7th season.



I’m beginning to enjoy this latest version. For those who may have missed the latest offering, here’s the full recap of episode 10, The Eighth Witch.

The sub-title of the article should be headed: Once Upon A Time as Soul Cycle.

That really says it all.

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