Trump: What One Year Has Done


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Not Mocking the Afflicted


Instant Karma, it’s called. Those that live by the sword, die by the sword. Watch what you say, it might come back to bite you in the end.

Meryl Streep took Trump to task for mocking a reporter during his presidential campaign, while giving her acceptance speech last January, at the Golden Globes ceremony. In doing so, she may have invoked a spiritual truth, stated above in three different formats.

The news yesterday was full of the awkward moments Trump has had lately with water, by the Fiji bottle and the glassful. Mostly, the media are remembering Trump’s comments about Marco Rubio’s need to drink water while giving a speech.

But this smacks of something more: is Trump’s physical health declining?


A Chink in his Armor?

We’ve seen this before: Roosevelt in the 40’s; Reagan in the 80’s. Mostly the press are complicit in the coverup, but this time they are going to town.

Do you remember that image of Trump and Theresa May in the Rose Garden at the White House?

It was passed off as a slightly slippery slope, needing a helping hand. Well, doesn’t that just say it all, now?


Jimmy Carter Speaks Out

In October 2017, Carter defended Trump’s mental health, saying that the media were harder on him than any president before him. But Carter is the same man who wanted all presidents to have mental examinations annually, not just physical checkups. The news outlets are now focusing on this fact.

The major thing they are now looking at is Trump’s diminishing vocabulary. Whereas, he was very articulate in the 1980’s, they are noting that he now uses simpler words and phrases: “It’s a very bad thing…”

Well, that will happen over time. It is inevitable. But is it enough to remove him from office? I think not.



According to a book about to be launched on the public, Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury”, Donald Trump did not expect to win the 2016 Presidential Election. When you look at the past year through that lens, it all begins to make sense.

He was chosen by the American people to be their President for 4 years. He will do his damnedest to make it work. Even if it kills him. Bless.


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