OMG: You’re the Creator?

The Architect

The Matrix Reloaded writers got it right. Our world is a simulation program that has an anomaly. Us. We have the free will to change the program at any time, but we’re so busy trying to make sense of it, we don’t have time.

Unfortunately, the Coen Brothers also reverted to type when they made this follow-up to the first film: they made it sound even more religious by introducing the concept of Zion. It’s a shame, really, because The Matrix went to the heart of the matter in making Neo the One. The term Messiah means the ‘anointed one’, implying some form of Divine marking, but Neo seems to be born to lead the rebellion against the Machine.



Biogenetic Engineer

Blade Runner was an amazing film when it was released in 1982. For one thing, the idea of replicants was still a science fiction dream then. Now, we are seeing in the news every day how robots are becoming more human-like.

Eventually, creatures like Roy Batty will be inhabiting our world, and we will have as much trouble separating the wheat from the chaff as Decker does in this movie.

The video shown above gives two interesting ideas an airing: 1) we all want more time; and 2) we are all prodigal children to our maker. Batty’s response is probably built into our program as well. Then we could truly say “God is Dead”.




Programming Ourselves



Tron: Legacy shows us what can happen when the programs take over the virtual reality world. It looks very much the same as Fascism, doesn’t it?

We are on a threshold here, the threshold of a dream: conquering space. Like Clu, we believe that we can take our systems elsewhere in the Universe and thrive as a species. The Secret Space Program (SSP) was mentioned in last night’s opening episode of the 11th season of the X-Files. But that can’t be true, can it? The chosen few will escape this dying world for a new start somewhere else. Say it isn’t so!

Battlestar Galactica explored this idea such a long time ago, only they disguised it as if it was how life on Earth started. What goes around comes around, right?



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As I wrote earlier this week, we are changing, hopefully for the better. You can see it in posts on social media. You can hear it in the words people speak. You can picture it in your dreams. It’s happening!

Now, to make it work effectively, you must give up your sovereign right to be autonomous. It’s time to let your ego go fly a kite. It’s time to align to the only side that matters: Oneness.


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