Scared of Heights? Close Your Eyes


Capilano Suspension Bridge

I had another interesting dream last night, this time experiencing the crossing of a great void on a suspension bridge. In my dream, I needed to get from one building to another via this bridge.

Problem is: I’m scared of heights.

So I climb the steps leading up to the start of the bridge, with my eyes closed, hanging onto the handrail. Then I slowly made my way across. When I was almost to the other side, I opened my eyes and looked down. The bridge was suspended only one foot above the ground.

The Last Time


The Capilano Suspension Bridge is definitely scary.

In 1984, just before my family moved to the UK, we decided to visit this tourist attraction which was situated in our city, North Vancouver, BC. We even attempted to walk across it, but (as I recall) the bridge swayed too much for us to get very far. I think we made it to the middle and then turned back.

In my mind, I was being protective of our girls, then 8 and 4 years old. Suzann was not in the least worried, in fact I think she relished the adventure.

Years later (1998), I visited the park again, but this time I walked all the way across. What a difference 14 years made!

I was no longer afraid.


My instruction in the title of this piece is wrong. Don’t ‘close your eyes’; open them. See things for what they really are.

This will help you live your life, free from fear.


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