What Garment is Your Soul Wearing?

The Invisible Garment

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The Invisible Garment

It is true to say that, when we are born, we put on a new set of garments: our spiritual clothing, if you will.

The role of Astrology has always been to provide answers to the questions we have about our lives.

This book was ‘given’ to the author from the Messengers of Heaven: Angels.

As an aid to understanding, it is superb.

My Garments

To show how clear this vision can be, I will share my own details, as provided by the book.

Sun in Gratitude

With your Sun in the principle of Gratitude, we know that you are primarily here to offer Eckhart’s most sacred prayer: “Thank You.” You live your life constantly aware that life is a gift. You never forget that the gift must be used well— or it will use you. You can see the connections in all aspects of life, and this makes you take a deeper level of responsibility or accountability than most people. You know the law of cause and effect on a bone-deep level; therefore, you are always alert to what effect you may be causing. You have a deep respect for all beings— human, plant, mineral, animal, and atomic. Your commitment to life makes you easy to live with and lovely to have as a friend.

Moon in Ecstasy

In addition to knowing that we are constantly restructuring the cosmos by living our lives, your Moon in Ecstasy tells us that you are aware of what I call “the stardust factor.” All the elements that make up our planet— indeed our bodies— were created when a star became a supernova and burned itself out. In the last two weeks of a star’s life, it burns so brightly and becomes so hot that it melts the hydrogen and helium atoms together to create all the other elements in the universe. It then spews them out into space, and they eventually, through the principle of Attraction, find each other and create planets and other bodies. We are made of stardust. You realize that in the cells of your being. You are a master of that level of consciousness. You can almost remember the light of the brilliant star from which you came. Your Moon is your mastery— your safety net. When life almost swallows you up, you remember that you are old, old, old energy reconstituting itself again in order to participate with the great plan. That soothes your immediate discomfort!

Ascendant in Service

All your ethical and behavioral decisions require that you consider all of humanity! You do not really see yourself as an independent ethical unit! Most likely, even as a child, you were a sharing, giving, including playmate. Most people have to be taught that they are not the center of the universe. It never occurred to you! This principle’s location in your chart indicates that you are an evolved being, and in fact, I do not know what the numerological/ astrological odds are that one would have a 19 ° rising. But in my experience of doing these readings, this one is rare.

Mercury in Humility

When you placed your Mercury in Humility, you accepted a very deep responsibility. Your mind must align itself with your own authentic self in order to work well. If you ever try to work outside that deep self-knowing, you get mentally confused. This is a challenge because you can get myopic if you allow yourself. However, as you mature spiritually, you will find that this is a true gift. You have the unique mental ability to see the outer world more clearly by measuring it against an inner authority. You have the ability to know what is authentic within yourself. Therefore, you have a measuring stick or plumb line to see what is authentic in the collective mind. Humility in the mental body requires ruthlessness of thinking— cutting away all that is untrue without hesitation.

Venus in Extension

Your emotional body is an amazing agent for growth for you. You always want to feel all that is possible to feel. You deepen with your emotional body like a plant system deepens when it looks for nourishment. You also grow with your emotional experiences, just like a plant’s stems and leaves always turn toward and grow toward the light. Emotions are not fearful for you, but are instead a source of nourishment.

Mars in Flowering

Your body is an evolving body. You are one of the “lab rats”— a part of the cosmic experiment that is constantly revising the human body so that it more perfectly functions as a vessel of spirit. You have probably spent most of your life noticing that your body is different from others and wondering why. Whether this difference is what society calls a “handicap” or simply that your body seems to operate and respond differently, you still have most likely been aware of it all your life. This is why: Your thymus gland has remained more awake than most, and you have been participating in the evolution of the physical form.

Jupiter in Resistance

With Jupiter in Resistance, we know that when you have had an experience of transforming energy, you have a sense of being supported by the whole universe. This may be something very simple like your resolving an argument or a simple problem-solving situation. Or it may take a more dramatic turn when you handle the energy of a crisis or an emergency. Whether large or small in scope, the effect is the same. You have a sudden sense of being in the right place at the right time, doing exactly what you came here to do. Jupiter, the god of good fortune, pats you on the back, and you feel whole.

Saturn in Focus

You are a natural scientist. You understand the qualities of form, and you have the mind that can put your attention to the study of form. However, this principle also gives you permission and capability to expand your understanding of form into a cosmology of form-ness. You can give unbendable attention to the smallest nuances of a form; you can also expand what you learn from that close attention into a full-blown theory of Wholeness. You have the gift of being able to break things down into parts in order to understand the whole.

Uranus in Innocence

You love to learn and when you learn something new, like an innocent child, you are in wonderment. You have the most authentic sense of yourself when you discover something new— or when you rediscover something as if for the first time. The capacity to mature and maintain an ability to be in awe, an ability to be innocent, is a fundamental sign that you are a mystic!

Neptune in Attraction

Your birth group came in with a particularly acute talent for magnetizing what is needed in certain situations. In a way, you are the social teachers about the principle of Attraction. You show the world, both in a positive and in a negative way, that what you attract to yourself determines the way in which you experience life. There is a level of accountability— “I’ll take responsibility for my life, thankyouverymuch”— with your birth group that does not exist in the wider consciousness. Most people are better at being victims to life, while your birth group wants to take life by the horns, so to speak.

Pluto in Attraction

With Pluto in Attraction, we know that your trips into the underworld, or your journeys into your deepest self-investigation result in your being able to magnetize what you need in the world. You do not indulge in long depressions. But when you feel called to do your inner work, you go deep. Because Attraction is a gravitational principle, you do not “fall apart” but rather you come together as a result of these journeys into your soul space.

Mid-Heaven in Creativity

Creativity is the essence of your soul source. You feel closest to the level of soul when you are in a wildly creative process, and you have the deepest memories of your spiritual nature when you allow yourself to walk the Via Creativa. This does not mean you “should” be an artist. It simply means that what is most natural to you is putting things together in unusual ways— whether your medium is ideas, objects, people, or words. On the soul level, you participate in creating new structures through which life can express itself. When you go too long mired in the mundane activities of daily life, you begin to lose confidence and the memory of Who You Are begins to slip. It is important for you to always have creative projects in process!



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For anyone who knows me, the descriptions, listed above, fit me very well. It took me a great number of years to grow into these garments, but now they suit me to a “T”.

Check this book out, if you get a chance. You might be surprised by how accurate it is.

And, above all, “Be Yourself”.

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I am an Astrologer who also writes about world events. My first eBook "At This Point in Time" is available through most on-line book stores. I have now serialized my second book "The Star of Bethlehem" here. And I am experimenting with birth and death charts. If you wish to contact me, or request a birth chart, send an email to cdsmiller17@gmail.com. (And, in case you are also interested, I have an extensive list of celebrity birth and death details if you wish to 'confirm' what you suspect may be a past-life experience of yours.) Bless.
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