It’s Just a Little Lie


Pinocchio’s Nose

The story of the wooden toy that turned into a human boy is an excellent metaphor for Brett Kavanaugh’s life.

But the only thing that’s different is that his nose doesn’t grow when he tells a lie. Instead, it sniffs.

You would have thought that he would have blown his nose earlier to avoid the post nasal drip response of choking back tears.

It drew attention to his nose, instead.

He Didn’t Watch Dr. Ford’s Testimony?

There is appoint (a point) to this post: if you are testifying under penalty, wouldn’t you ensure that what you said was the God’s honest truth, at all times?

This little lie, that he hadn’t watched the earlier testimony, doesn’t seem likely. If you were going to face a Senate Judiciary Committee, wouldn’t you want to know exactly what the other person said? Wouldn’t you want to make sure that you could refute her testimony?

When asked, Kavanaugh said, “No. I was preparing my own.”

What!? Hadn’t we already had reports that he was watching the proceedings from home, before he set out for the committee meeting? Honestly, that statement was not challenged by the Democrats, but it didn’t slip by some media commentators…



Jiminy Cricket would have had a hard time yesterday. When Pinocchio went off on his own for an ‘adventure’ he turned into a donkey (read, “braying ass”).

“Boys will be boys”, eh?

The small voice inside Kavanaugh’s head was being drowned out by his anger and defiant responses. He was rude, ignorant and disinclined to answer any direct questions with direct answers. He seemed like a spoiled Momma’s Boy.

That alone makes him unsuited to the US Supreme Court, in my humble opinion.

What do you think?

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