USA: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?


…or Dr. Ford and Mr. Kavanaugh?

I often wonder if the timing of events is accidental, or divinely inspired.

Venus is almost exactly on the Ascendant. That conjunction is opposed by the Moon/Uranus conjunction. This is the most emotive combination in the history of the US Senate Judiciary Committees.

Do you understand what’s happening?

Women as Reliable Witnesses


When Dr. Christine Blasey Ford decided to come forward, she didn’t know the exact process she needed to go through. That was completely clear during her testimony today. She took a polygraph (lie detector) test, on the advice of counsel.

She looked at times like a deer caught in the headlights.

She was 15 years old when the events of that party in 1982 took place.

I suspect her demeaner is due to arrested development because of her trauma.

But that is not the important point. The important point is that since biblical times, women have not been considered credible witnesses.

Men have been in charge ever since

Judges have been judging since then. The men sitting on the bench have been mostly from the upper echelons of society. They know better (?) what is best for the rest of us.

The equality between the sexes has been sorely missing.

Is this the moment when that changes?


Judge Brett Kavanaugh was very emotional during his opening statement this afternoon.

He blustered against the ‘sham’ Democrat charges, and choked back tears, every time he mentioned his parents, his wife and his children. It was a performance.

Then the Democrats poked him a few times, and he exploded. This is the Moon/Uranus conjunction acting out.

He also tried, mostly successfully, to evade their questions. But did he convince me?


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2 Responses to USA: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?

  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    The echo from 1997: ‘that woman” (Bill Clinton); “the woman” (Brett Kavanaugh).


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