Canadian Keswick Conference


My own photograph from atop of the hills nearby

Ferndale (near Port Carling), Ontario

This vacation spot no longer exists. I’m not sure why. I tried finding the exact location a couple of years ago, but I believe the spot is now private property.

CKC, as our Mom noted on photographs, was a Christian meeting place in the heart of Muskoka. We went there every summer, for a week or so. between 1958 and 1964.

Here’s a postcard (courtesy of from that period:


I have plenty of memories of the place, including the wonderful dining, the many sports (especially shuffleboard), and taking care of my younger sister, Anne, while our parents attended meetings.


I have a version of this scene from 1964, featuring my sister, front and centre.

Anne & CKC fountain 1964

I also remember that it was a time of experimenting with trying to make pictures blur by opening and shutting my mouth quickly when one was taken.

Chris & friend CKC Aug 1958

CKC August 1958

But my most enduring memory is sleeping in a log cabin (not exactly a log cabin, but a wooden hut to accommodate our family). To allow us enough beds, they put me in the porch, which was screened in to keep out the mosquitoes. As there wasn’t any glass, by morning, I was chilled to the bone. I’m still susceptible to colds when I get a chill…


For more great photos, some of which echoed our own from those years, click here.

And here’s the iconic image that I took of the entrance to the property in 1964.

Canadian Keswick Conference 1964

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7 Responses to Canadian Keswick Conference

  1. Thomas Mackie says:

    Thanks for posting. Saw my old photos on the other page. Spent most of my childhood here.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jack demille says:

    58/59 I worked there with about 15 other guys. Moving beds, cutting grass, helping guests move in and out, and any joe job. working in the kitchen on weekends. .10 cents an hr with great meals and a super fun summer Jack D

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Janet Gibson says:

    My sister and I worked here the summer of 1965. She was a waitress and I was a housekeeper in some of the farthest cabins. Thank you for posting the pics.


  4. Heidi Murray says:

    Thank you posting your photos. As a family we went there many years in the campground area. Best years with family.


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