Does One Good Turn Deserve Another?

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Strange Life

This Guardian post from last year was written after Jeffrey Epstein was found dead of an apparent suicide. Robert Maxwell (Ghislaine’s father) died in 1991, after falling from his yacht. Was it an accident, suicide, or something else? We shall never know, for sure.

The theory behind these deaths (of Epstein and Maxwell) is that they were the result of Mossad actions, because of supposed connections with that organization. But mere speculation will not get at the truth, will it?

Maybe astrology can.

Okay. This one may be a little tricky to connect the dots, but there is one Yod pointing at Mossad’s Uranus with inconjuncts to Maxwell’s fatal Mercury and Saturn. The other inconjunct connects Mossad’s Ascendant with Maxwell’s fatal Jupiter. I think there are links between the organization and what happened to Maxwell. The official verdict was that he died of a heart attack. Strange, eh?

Do you also see that strange conjunction between Maxwell’s fatal Venus and Mossad’s close Moon/Mars aspect? This implies a feminine element to the event. Interesting.

Now let’s look at Epstein’s death in the same way.

To have Mossad’s Pluto conjunct to Epstein’s fatal Sun/Venus/Ascendant aspect speaks volumes to me. And the Yod pointing to the event Neptune formed by inconjuncts to Mossad’s Neptune and Pluto makes this a slam dunk, for me. There is a sequence in the Scandal TV show that seems to echo what must have happened here.

My apologies for the violence depicted here, but I just wanted to demonstrate that, whatever the “official” story, things go on behind the scenes, and belts are useful weapons. But I digress.


The only female that links Robert Maxwell to Jeffrey Epstein is Ghislaine. Looking at her birth chart in combination with Mossad’s, I can see a steely determination (as shown by the stellium of Capricorn planets). And Mossad’s Ascendant in Aquarius is conjunct Ghislaine’s Jupiter (sense of justice). Add to that the direct link between Mossad’s Sun and her Venus and you know that her femininity is her strongest ‘asset’. They are in Sagittarius, the sign of restless, itchy feet (and variety). Her North Node in Leo is conjunct Mossad’s Pluto. (She was born to the job…)

If I were a betting man, I’d put my money on her being a Mossad agent of some kind.

What do you think?

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