State of Dis Union 2019

U.S. President Trump delivers his second State of the Union address to a joint session of the U.S. Congress in Washington

Image courtesy of Time Magazine

Democratic Women Dressed in White

As far as protests go, this one was a quiet revolution. It also brought into stark focus the difference between the two parties. One side is riding on the black coattails of a populist President, the other is trying to shine a white light for freedom. But whose freedom?

It used to be tough watching Republicans sitting on their hands whenever Obama gave the State of the Union address. They didn’t like ANYTHING he said. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, as it were, Trump has used the words of compromise, but not the intent. And the clapping occurred even in Democratic ranks whenever he said something they liked. However, I could see that a handful of Democratic women refused to stand or clap at any time during his address. Why? They want him out!

We shall see if the US Congress can work together in the future along bipartisan lines. With such a divisive President at the helm, dis ship of state looks doomed to crash and sink. Make America Great Again? No. How the mighty have fallen…

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