The Singular Path in a Binary World


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I Walk The Line

In the first few moments of waking up today, I was bombarded with two different songs, each trying to express my thought for this day. Each of the songs was valid on its own, but none of them said exactly what I was needing to say.

Before I share these songs with you, let me tell you what I was thinking. As one of the coordinators of Fountain International’s Facebook page, I was surprised one day by a comment on one of the posts. It simply read, “Yes and no.”

Even though I have spoken of the middle way many times, I still haven’t really practiced what I preach. We live in a binary world, there’s no getting away from that. And the daily struggle means that we are choosing a path between one extreme and the other. Life, it seems, demands it. So how can we find the middle of the road consistently?

Douglas Adams had the answer: 42.

So here are the songs:



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