Trudeau: Like Father, Like Son?


No, more like: Hate Father, Hate Son

The advantage of being a more senior member of the voting community (I’m old, OK?) is that I also have a long memory of how things were back in the ‘bad old days’ (the 70’s).

When Pierre Elliott Trudeau was Prime Minister of Canada, he was considered the most flamboyant Canadian politician to ever have lived. He even dated Barbra Streisand, for goodness sake. And he didn’t give a “Fuddle Duddle” what anyone thought of him.

Justin Trudeau may be a chip off the old block, but he does care what the public thinks, even when he gets it wrong. (And that may be the only difference between them.)

The enduring hatred of those of a different political persuasion is directed at the Trudeau name and heritage. Conservatives, for example, didn’t like Trudeau then, and they sure don’t like Trudeau now.

But why, exactly?


And then the (Jason Kenney) penny drops: they’re not White Anglo-Saxon Protestants!

They come from Quebec, they’re French and they’re Roman Catholic. Three strikes and you’re out!

Oh, and the fact that they have a love/hate relationship with Alberta and the oil industry.


So, where is the love? Between a father and his son, that’s where.

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