And Speaking of the Dog Star: Sirius


I have been negligent: I’ve known about the double star Sirius for more than 40 years but never thought to share that knowledge with anyone else. Hopefully, this post will correct that oversight.

The Dogon people in Mali, West Africa, have a belief system that talks about them as having been instructed by amphibious/androgynous beings from the stars.

(From Wikipedia) In 1976, Robert K. G. Temple wrote a book called The Sirius Mystery arguing that the Dogon’s system reveals precise knowledge of cosmological facts known only by the development of modern astronomy, since they appear to know, from Griaule and Dieterlen’s account, that Sirius is part of a binary star system, whose second star, Sirius B, a white dwarf, is however completely invisible to the human eye (just as Digitaria has the smallest grain known to the Dogon) and that it takes 50 years to complete its orbit. The existence of Sirius B had only been inferred to exist through mathematical calculations undertaken by Friedrich Bessel in 1844. Temple then argued that the Dogon’s information, if traced back to ancient Egyptian sources and myth, indicates an extraterrestrial transmission of knowledge of the stars. Neither Griaule nor Dieterlen had ever made such bold claims about a putative esoteric source for the Dogon’s knowledge.

The binary star system of Sirius A and Sirius B gives us a hint about why this world (Earth) is ruled by everything binary.

The problem of “twin births” versus “single births”, or androgyny versus single-sexed beings, contributed to a disorder at the beginning of time. This theme became a significant basis of the Dogon religion. “The jackal was alone from birth,” said Ogotemmêli, “and because of this he did more things than can be told.” Dogon males were primarily associated with the single-sexed male Jackal and the Sigui festival, which was associated with death on the Earth. It was held once every sixty years and allegedly celebrated the white dwarf star, Sirius B, provoking numerous speculations about the origin of such knowledge.

We are back in the Garden of Eden again. This time the ‘serpent’ was a jackal.

Did you know that Orion is equivalent to Anubis to the Egyptians? Just sayin’.


Orion’s belt helps direct us to sighting Sirius in the night sky. Orion’s belt is also echoed by the lineup of the greater pyramids at Giza. So, some of this knowledge may have been passed down through the Egyptians.

Artist's impression of the sizes of Sirius B and the Earth

Sirius B, which is a dwarf white star, is mostly invisible to us, since it hides behind (or is obscured by) Sirius A. Again, this is code for our spiritual nature.


The hexagon is a special formation. The hexagram contained within the shape is usually represented by a six-pointed star: a Star of David. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Sometimes, the truth has to stare us in the face before we become aware of it.

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