Coral Polge: Aspects of Character


Personality of Past Lives or Astrological Aspects?

Coral Polge was famous in the U.K. for her psychic portraits. By the time she died in 2001, she must have done tens of thousands of them. I got to sit in front of her once in 1987. She drew me a picture of an old man looking like a banker. The image was a replication of a photograph I never got to see until 2007, a full 20 years later. So, how did she do it?


It would appear that Ms. Polge uses the energy of the person sitting in front of her to link with a person who’d passed from this world. That is why most of the images are of family members and good friends. In my father’s case, he must have been in and out of consciousness because the sitting took place 4 days before his death.

Others, that evening, had historical personages drawn for them. When asked if they represented past lives, Ms. Polge said that they were ‘aspects’ of personality.

Now, I wonder what she meant by that?

History Repeats Itself Through Us

As an aside, I just want to point out that a great many people claim to be reincarnated figures from the past. I am one of those people. But I’m beginning to understand that astrological aspects are the real echoes of these historical personages. And where a particular aspect is part of a couple’s relationship, the full force of that echo can be felt in the present. Such is the reason for my feeling of being ‘unworthy’ of love.

And I find it fascinating that Coral Polge’s ‘guest’ at my sitting was the man that made me feel that way in this lifetime. She really was a ‘messenger’ of the gods.


Why artist Coral’s portraits really are a dead likeness

The press had a field day when reporting about her abilities. Just a couple of examples will show you why this headline is both clever and correct.



Somehow, the person on the “other side” of the sitting would present him (or her) self as a photograph or painting from some point in their life. At the same time, Ms. Polge would question them about their life and any connections to the person in front of her.

In my father’s case, when she asked about him, he told her to just ‘get on with it’. (I don’t think he thought much of the process, but just wanted to get through to me via her art.)

Anyway, his message was received, but not understood until 32 years later.

Thank you, Coral Polge


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