Modern Art: What’s It Worth?


Heartbeat: House Rules (Season 12, Episode 22)

This show, as always, is full of nostalgia for the 60’s. And, once in a while, it raises questions about cultural issues.

The comedy part of this week’s show (being shown on TVO last night) raised the question about abstract art.


This is NOT the painting featured on the show, but it’s the closest representation I could find. The show’s painting was more in bright sixties shades of red, yellow and blue, and only the tower was discernible. There were three other paintings, equally obscure: one was supposedly of Trafalgar Square (but not that you could tell).

The woman (Babs Crane) who owned them decided to sell them to raise some money. They went for £10 each. Then Vernon Scripps read a newspaper article about how valuable they might be as a set to an art dealer, so he offered to buy them from the other owners, for about the same amount as their original purchase price.

Then he went to Whitby (I think) to see what he could get for the set. He came back with a Rolls Royce.


The question in the title was answered during the course of the episode:

“However much someone is willing to pay for it.”

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1 Response to Modern Art: What’s It Worth?

  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    And just to be clear: the paintings looked like they’d been painted just for the show, sloppily.


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