Trump vs. Biden: Mission Accomplished?


Election Night 2020 (courtesy of YouTube)

Fantasy Pools, Anyone?

There are just nine months until the next POTUS is elected. The above image was someone’s ‘ideal’ matchup. But all bets are off, now.

Donald J. Trump will be ‘cleared’ of committing “high crimes and misdemeanors” when the Senate Republicans vote to NOT remove him from office tomorrow. After all it was a partisan ‘witch hunt’ perpetrated by the Congressional Democrats to take him out of the 2020 race. In other words, the winning side gets to write history, yet again.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, suffered a bit of a setback in Iowa last night, being bested by Bernie Sanders, the ‘socialist’ Democrat who is trying for the second time to become the Democratic presidential candidate.

And Iowa Caucuses have yet again muddied the pool. If the results don’t get fully published, just note that the Democratic Party officials are not wanting Bernie’s popularity to ‘infect’ other states’ primaries. (Feels like Jeremy Corbyn, all over again.)

That Phone Call

Trump purpose in extracting a promise from the President of Ukraine to announce an investigation of corruption involving Biden’s son was to besmirch Joe’s reputation as an ‘honest’ man. What Trump didn’t expect was that it would besmirch his own name: “once impeached, always impeached.”

However clumsy Trump’s attempt at political assassination, even shooting himself in the presidential foot, he has succeeded in making Biden less of a threat next November.

Therefore, it is Mission Accomplished!

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