The Watchers: Since the Beginning


Semjaza and Saucer

I wrote the beginnings of a screenplay in the late 70’s. It was a cross between Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica. I called it “Raelity”. The story was a homage to the information that Yahweh provided for Rael about what happened to Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden.

The two main characters were Jazzy and Hazy, space visitors watching over humanity. I based them on Semjaza and Azazel who were written about in the Book of Enoch.

So you can imagine my surprise to read the following (longish) passage in Shirley MacLaine’s Sage-ing While Age-ing:

[These words are related to Billy Meier‘s “Contact Notes”]

“Billy had contacts with a Pleiadian woman called Semjase. She was quite beautiful, blond, had a nice body, and looked like a human. She told stories of how her forefathers were our forefathers. She said she and her celestial race felt duty-bound to the citizens of Earth. She said they were far from being perfect and are always evolving, just as we are. She said they were nether superior, superhuman, nor missionaries. She said humans would regard them as gods if they appeared to more than a few. Such a thing had happened in the past as recorded in the Bible: ‘The Gods walked among us’; ‘The sons of Gods found the daughters of men fair.’ And they didn’t want to risk it again.

“Semjase said that her people had experienced the same severe problems and monumental decisions facing us, approximately thirty centuries ago. They have since evolved in knowledge, social structure, science, and technology with the help of more-advanced beings than themselves. Their purpose now is focused upon creating an awareness that other intelligent life exists in the universe, both good and bad by our standards, human and non-human in form.

“She said that several times they have tried to establish terrestrial contact with humans but found them not to be sufficiently willing or loyal. Still others were afraid of other humans and the contact went unreported because they were sure they would be considered either liars or mad.

“She said some intelligence organizations were busy studying their spacecraft, but did not always have available authentic photographs. Some were outright falsifications. She said they have learned all Earth languages and have perfected mental telepathy. She said they do not reach for the end to the universe because it doesn’t exist, and that a single second in the ‘timeless’ amounts to many millions of years in normal space. That was the reason why highly evolved spiritual beings could live for hundreds of years.

“The Pleiadians call us their younger brothers and say that if we cannot solve our problems brought on by the imbalance of our technological advances and our ideological and religious differences, we will likely not be as fortunate as they, because we presently have no escape routes and are not prepared for this dilemma. They said man cannot reach the outer expanses of space until he achieves a hyperspace velocity. Then nonspace and nontime are reduced to almost nothing. Only then can man accomplish the light-years of our calculations.

“She said many space travelers have visited our planet on many occasions (108 different civilizations at last count), coming from very distant systems. Encounters with the general public are not in their best interests at this time. They select individuals and monitor their thought frequencies and physical reactions over many years until one has been accepted, based on their standards and criteria. Then they draw them telepathically into remote locations for direct contact.

“She said they don’t measure time by our standards. They measure time by events. Human events on our Earth help them measure our evolutionary pattern and alert them to our progress. She said major events and the critical nature of these events are preprogrammed and can be altered only by a mass change of consciousness and awareness. But mankind does control its own destiny by the free will of effecting a mass consciousness change, which they would love to see. However, the Pleiadians and other ‘Beings of Light’ do not see humanity taking control of our destiny in a positive way. They fear that we are rushing headlong to our own destruction and are bent on destroying all forms of life on this planet as well as critical life-support systems. At this stage in our evolution, they and other star beings are deeply saddened by this, as they consider us their younger brothers, separated only by a different time and a different space.

“They travel at speeds many times the speed of light and can make it from their Pleiadian star system to Earth in seven hours, with the help of sublight speeds for atmospheric travel and hyperspace drive systems for travel at many times the speed of light. They said our scientists were working on a ‘tachyon‘ system whose principles are the same.

“She said that God is of creation and we can’t separate God from the creation because God itself is part of it, with all the rest of the ‘gods’ who coexist with it in various states of being. She said that by creative thinking man acquires knowledge and wisdom and a sense of unlimited strength, which unbinds him from the limitations of convention and dogma. When the universal spirit manifests itself in the human being, then and only then can we reach the destination of our existence. She went on to say that they do not come on behalf of a god to bring to the world the long-awaited peace. They do not come on behalf of anyone, including themselves, since creation confers no obligation on them. Creation is a law unto itself, and every form of life must conform with it and become a part of it. They are spiritual beings who want to help us see what creation’s conformity is. She said they had no authority to interfere by force with terrestrial concerns.

“For the present, she said the Earth human holds the weight of his destiny on his own shoulders. However, should a time arise when they would find it necessary to involve themselves in certain matters pertaining to Earth, it would be done to prevent an aberration or possible cataclysm that would affect the depths of cosmic space beyond the conscious thoughts of the Earth human.

“She said that thought transmission was the purest form of communication since the conversation could not be manipulated into something it is not. She said a human could deliver himself from all ignorance if he or she generated the will to seek the truth. She said enemies and attackers contribute to the growth of a spiritually developing person, so we must not see enemies as enemies: They are teachers. She said evolution is achieved only through spiritual developments and the understanding that we are all one.

“She said that when a being is happy, luck appears everywhere in his or her life because luck is a self-created state and come from within the individual. It is a quality of the inner being and an inseparable spark of the spirit, which contains infinite force in its existence. She said Love is the instrument with which one may spread the eternal force that can never be extinguished, which overcomes death, and spreads light, which embodies the poise of wisdom, peace, and all that exceeds understanding.

“She said wisdom is the mark of a human who has recognized the existence of his spirit and works with it according to the creational laws. One cannot clothe love in words, because love is the same as bliss, a state without a place. It is imperishable and cannot be shaped or manipulated into what it is not.

“She said a wonder is merely the spiritual force exercising perfection, but all too often the human conceals a wonder behind a veil of mystery because he lacks any possible logical explanation. Something that has not been previously experienced is always considered a great mystery.

“She said if we genuinely pooled all of our intelligence and imagination toward peace, we could achieve their level of evolvement in a few hundred years.

(Pages 148-152)

Now, think about our present pandemic as a preprogrammed event and see what it means to humanity. Will we evolve or will we collapse? It’s up to ‘all of us’!

P.S. [To be sure, Billy Meier is an ‘unreliable’ contactee for our Space Brothers, but sometimes the message is more important than the messenger. My criteria are: Does this ‘feel’ right? Is it just ticking my personal boxes, or everyone’s? Can I trust the ‘source’?]

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3 Responses to The Watchers: Since the Beginning

  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    So, two things: most of what is written above is identical to what Yahweh told Rael; and I never considered that Semjaza could actually be female. It kind of makes sense in one way: maker of enchantments

    But the other way is how Lilith left Adam for Semjaza: now that’s what I call a feminist response!


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