Saturn Aspects Highlighting Daddy Issues


David Wilcock Said So.

You’d think, as an astrologer of more than 40 years’ experience, that I would have come to this realization long before now. It took a phrase by David Wilcock in one of his videos about the pandemic, and what’s going on behind the scenes, to bring the issue into sharp focus. His point was whether we like Donald Trump or not, he is Father to the United States at the moment, and the way we react has to do with our personal “daddy issues”.

Resentment of Authority

No one likes being told what to do. Let’s face it, we think we’re all grown up, in charge of our own lives, and we don’t take kindly to anything that restricts our movement or our lifestyle choices. And yet, that is what has happened. We have been told to ‘stay at home’ and practice being socially distant. And just to make sure that we do that, sports venues have closed, pubs have closed, churches have closed, and casinos have closed! (And as one wag said in a recent Facebook post, “If both heaven and hell think this is serious enough to close their doors, it must be serious!”)

And yet there are still Covidiots out and about, thinking that they’re immune.

Food Insecurity

We in the West have an overabundance of resources. In fact, what normally gets thrown out by restaurants on a daily basis would be enough to feed a community of starving folks somewhere else in the world. (Didn’t your parents used to tell you, “Eat your food, there’s starving children in China [India, Bangladesh, Biafra, et cetera]?)

Now, we’re so scared of not having enough for our family that we wipe the grocery aisles clean and bring home too much of everything, including toilet paper and hand sanitizer. It’s a ‘dog-eat-dog’ mentality. “Where am I going to get my latte from if Starbucks closes?”

Punishment from God

We know we’ve been bad: it’s written large on the tenement walls. Religion has been trying to get people to repent, repent, repent (and put 10% in the collection plate).

Prosperity is a two-edged sword, cutting both ways. If you’ve got enough to be smug about it, thinking that God has smiled upon you and your endeavours, there will be others who will have to go without shelter, food, and clothing. Think about it!

The time has come to be more caring (and careful) of our fellow human beings.

And finally:

Most of us have problems with our earthy father, whether we’re a man or a woman.

It’s the human condition of being distant from our Divine Creator. As Above, So Below.

The following piece is written with a young girl in mind, but in my own children’s experience, it could have been about a young boy, too.



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