Wikileaks Dump Highlights CPC Tricks


Julian Assange

You wouldn’t think that Wikileaks would be interested in Canadian politics, would you?

Well, that’s what I thought when I was trolling through some of the files from last week’s Wikileaks dump. But one title caught my eye: it was a recording of a CBC report.

What made this recording so interesting was the fact that I don’t remember hearing about it at the time (2015). The content suggested that a Conservative candidate. running for election in Ontario, had recruited some conservative college groups to organize protests against Liberal candidates and especially Justin Trudeau. The Conservative Party ‘operative’ named in the story verbally expressed regret for his choice of words, when instructing the student groups as to what they should do.


This image from Macleans Magazine at the time illustrates the background “noise”.

The interference didn’t work in 2015, so the existence of a Wikileaks file might have been to embarrass the Conservative Party of Canada if they had won the election.

Now it’s just very old news.

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